Fresh Goods Friday 448 | The If Only It Had A Freezer In It Edition

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Move along. There’s nothing to be read here. And if there was one of us would probably misunderstand the other’s intention and we’d all end up hacked off with each other. It’s been one of those weeks where words shouldn’t be allowed. He said, she said, he meant, she meant, oh that text wasn’t for you, oops I replied to all. Frankly, words are a pain. Please can we all just snuggle up and make s’mores in silence? Or ignore each other in silence?

Hannah will mostly be cooking in silence. She has the entire contents of her freezer to cook or eat, following a door-not-quite-shut scenario. This is less than ideal. Even less than ideal is that it appears to have resulted in the freezer stopping working altogether. She’s turned it off and is leaving it alone for 24hours. Then she’s going to go and talk to it nicely. Let’s hope it understands her and she doesn’t upset it. Otherwise next week Hannah will be hoping there’s a freezer in Fresh Goods.

It’s with some trepidation then that we move on to this week’s Fresh Goods Friday. Can we get through the new product arrivals without misunderstanding, misinformation or misapprehension? Let’s see…

Juliana Quincy

Juliana Quincy
Er, yes, it’s not that fresh in this pic. We rode it.

We had a secret delivery last week of this very snappy bike from Juliana – the women’s version of a Stigmata. Find out what Hannah thought of it here. And yes, it’s got drop bars, but it’s go 27.5×2.0 tyres and a SRAM Eagle cassette, so it just gets to sneak in here. And, it went down our local classic MTB descent, Pecket Well.

AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K Waterproof Action Camera

Matte grey finish.

A waterproof action camera boasting 4K/30fps, built in image stabilisation, diving mode (for those really rainy rides…), time lapse photo and video, slo-mo, fast-mo, wind reduction, long exposure and much more.

A large amount of mounts.

It comes with plenty of mounts, houses and gizmos. Generously, AKASO provide two batteries.

What time is it? It’s video time!

There’s a remote, too!

Race Face Indiana Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey

Enjoying the lack of hem.

Available in dark spruce or black/grey, this rather girly jersey features a colour block design with flatlock stitching throughout, a drop hem and a frilly finish at the bottom.

Name the Disney reference.

It’s a loose fit and a decent length at the back.

Race Face Charlie Women’s Shorts

Show us yer waistband.

These lightweight shorts are made from a stretch woven fabric that’s wicking treated. They feature a wide, lycra waistband designed to accommodate curvier body shapes, so if like many you’re often inbetween sizes these could be the shorts for you.

Race Face Indiana Women’s Shorts

They didn’t arrive this crumpled.

Made from 100% polyester Rip Stop, these hard-wearing shorts are made from water resistant fabric, have an adjustable waist band and several pockets including one on the waist band at the back.

Race Face Khyber Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Jersey

The ‘ahh I’ve gone static’ pose.

A contour design jersey made with fade free sublimated graphics on a silky feeling warp knit fabric. Claiming to be quick-drying and hard wearing, it’s available in three colours.

Race Face Maya Women’s Short Sleeve Jersey

A jersey you can get an all over tan in.

This logo design Race Face jersey is printed with fade free sublimated graphics, features a slight drop hem and is available in black or turquoise.

Holy moly.

It’s perforated throughout to be super breathable, because not everyone can ditch the sports bra just because it’s hot out.

SQ Lab 7 OX Grips

SQ Labs Grips
Knurled and shaped for your comfort and grip.

These grips come in small or medium sizes, and black or yellow colours. It’s designed for gravity and downhill riding, to give shock absorption and plenty of grip even in wet conditions.

SQ Lab 711 Tech & Trail Grips

SQ Labs
One of these grips has had coffee, one is having a lie down.

These come in small, medium and large sizes and are designed for marathon racing or long distance rides, with rubber compounds and shaping design for maximum grip and shock absorption.

HideMyBell and HideMyWaste

Dangle your dingle with pride, we say!

We can see why you might want someone convenient to stash your sticky gel wrappers, which is what the HideMyWaste is for – mount it on your bars and stuff your rubbish in there to keep the trails trash free. But hide your bell? Why not dingaling with pride? However, the HideMyBell also acts as a mount for your bike computer, with the bell tucked away down the side. Handy perhaps for long distance events where you want as much bar space as possible for variable hand positions or luggage.

Bouh SR600 Light and Alarm

  • Price: £124.99
  • From: Bouh
Bouh SR600 light
Hands off!

Removing the 600 lumen light from this mount sets an alarm which will be activated by either shaking or forward motion. If you can manage to whip the light off in a hurry, the alarm is extra sensitive to movement for the first three seconds – so the makers suggest it can work as a panic alarm in the event of being held up or mugged for you bike. (There’s even a discount code for Singletrack readers – enter ‘STW19‘ for a discount at checkout).

Did we make it? Are you still with us? Do we need to go back and clarify, rectify and pacify? Let’s move onto the music, the words of others. We’re off to lie quietly in a darkened room.

Friday Tunes & #themtbchain

Here’s our regular playlist of the week to go along with our Fresh Goods. Each track is picked by a staff member here in the office and added to their individual playlist over on our Spotify page. Head over there to identify exactly who is responsible for each choice.

About this week’s choices: Some classics this week with a bit of Dylan intermixed with some modern poetry from Kate Tempest. It’s been that sort of a week you see. If you like what we do at Singletrack then joining us as a Premier Member would really help us

The Singletrack MTB Chain

This week we’ve added Winter Hill, by Doves. If you can tell us what the MTB connection is for this track then you could win yourself a Singletrack T-shirt. Tell us in the comments or use the #themtbchain on socials.

Remember to use the hashtag #themtbchain to suggest your additions. If we like your suggested tune and your reason for adding it then it will be included in the playlist.

This week’s addition is a chilled out vibe with an obvious link in the title – Enjoy

Check out our MTB Chain page here to keep up on the additions and to try out more of our Singletrack playlists.

All of the Singletrack staff have their own playlists that list all their choices for each FGF. So if you want to see who is responsible for which song you can find out by checking out their personal choices. Hey, maybe follow their playlist and boost their egos in the office. Not that any of us need reader validation of our musical tastes or anything.

Here’s our Tom’s personal selection. A true millennials playlist if ever we saw one. Don’t forget to give our staff playlists a follow if you approve of the tunes. We are watching to see who has the best taste in music as decided by you.

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