€72.000 worth of bikes stolen from Propain Bicycles

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Propain Bicycles has reported that 17 bikes worth a total of €72.000 have been stolen and they want them back!

Press Release Follows

“Bikes wanted!

We came back from Bikefestival Riva unscathed! That’s the good news. Unfortunately, there are also some bad news to report:

Between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening (07-08.05.19) our event truck was burgled here in Vogt, Germany and most of our demo bikes were stolen. Fortunately, our two E-Bike prototypes were unloaded the evening before for a setup test and are safe and sound.
In total 17 bikes with a value of around 72.000€ were stolen.

Bike theft is becoming more and more common. We need to keep our eyes and ears open to make it difficult for those who reach out to other’s possessions! Please be careful with secondhand bikes, check the background including frame number (see list below) to make sure it’s not one of our stolen bikes.

We would like to ask the Bike Community to contact us (www.propain-bikes.com / info@propain-bikes.com / +49 751201802 22) or the police in Vogt +49 7529 971560 if anyone notices something.



The 17 bikes stolen from Propain Bicycles are listed below with frame numbers to help with identification.

  • Tyee CF SMALL Moongrey MD1809026
  • Tyee CF MEDIUM Moongrey MD18117138
  • Tyee CF MEDIUM RAW MD18117106
  • Tyee CF LARGE RAW LG18127159
  • Tyee CF LARGE Moongrey LG18117146
  • Tyee CF X Large Moongrey XL 18117044
  • Tyee CF X Large Badmint XL 18097034
  • Tyee Large Badmint LG18127186
  • Spindrift Medium Lime MD19012035
  • Spindrift LARGE Black Matt LG 19012058
  • Spindrift X Large Lime XL18112005
  • Hugene Medium Silver MD18054027
  • Hugene Medium Lime MD19014082
  • Hugene LARGE Silver LG19014119
  • Hugene Large Silver LG19014102
  • Huegen X LARGE Lime XL18054002
  • Hugene LARGE Lime LG19014090
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