Video: Danny MacAskill goes retro in his latest edit

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Forget drones, 4K cameras, and video stabilisation! Danny MacAskill has gone back to old skool VHS for his latest edit.

Watch Danny MacAskill’s latest video below and check out the range of Endura kit he is wearing here.

Endura Press Release Follows

“Danny MacAskill chooses Endura for Lids and Pads – #ProtectionItsinOurDNA

Danny MacAskill doesn’t choose his equipment partners on a whim.  Riding at the bleeding-edge of possibility and with an impressive back catalogue of injuries, rock solid protection is right up there on his list of critical kit.
It is not by accident that Jim McFarlane chose ‘endurance’ and ‘durability’ as the two words to blend to form the Endura brand over 25 years ago. Perhaps not marketing rocket science, but they have been a constant truth throughout the company’s history which is why ‘Protection’ is very much in Endura’s DNA.

The youtube star is now kitted out head-to-toe in Endura’s premium MTB collection MT500, from the award-winning MT500 Helmet with full Koroyd® core and the new MT500 Lite Knee pads featuring D3O® technology to the new robust MT500 Burner Shorts, versatile MT500 Spray Baggy Shorts, plus not to forget Danny’s favourite Glove, the Hummvee Lite Glove.

Taking risks has never been safer with the MT500 Helmet. Thanks to its full Koroyd® core, this lightweight, well vented lid meets the standards set out in the Koroyd® Helmet Safety Initiative which sets new target peak acceleration ratings well below those currently required by CE certification, reducing risk of a skull fracture from 40% at certification limit to less than 5%.

The new MT500 Lite Pad provides lightweight, certified MTB protection with D3O® technology. The LP1 Protector used in the MT500 Lite Knee Pad is the most advanced, breathable protection made by D3O® The highly vented geometry increases the insert’s breathability by 45% whilst retaining ENTH1612-1:2012 level 1 certification. Its lightweight, low-profile design and soft, flexible properties make this an unobtrusive and comfortable high performance protector.

Providing DH durability in a trail friendly construction, the fully featured MT500 Burner Shorts II are made from 4 way stretch fabric in combination with a durable seat panel for longevity and high stretch crotch and rear panels for full freedom of movement. Their non-flap slim fit is ideal for any fast paced mountain biking action.

Danny MacAskill’s films may have been watched online by tens of millions of people, but he is the very last person to behave like a superstar. Instead, Danny will rock up unannounced at Endura’s headquarters with nothing on his agenda more pressing than a brew and a chinwag. When he makes last-minute kit requests for “minor” projects like Wee Day Out, a ride to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, or his latest video launching TODAY, the Scottish cycling kit brand is happy to help. “I prefer to operate as friends,” Danny told their product development team when they joined him for a brew in Glasgow.

Endura and the street trials star share a proud Scottish heritage and strong mountain biking roots. It is a powerful, self-confident partnership but also great for Scotland and reinforces this wee country’s position as a hub of biking excellence.


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    Everything about that was wicked 🙂

    Partying in the woods is better

    Stop calling videos “edits”, for Christ’s sake!

    Pretty cool, same kind of vibe as the old cambu riders days.

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