Singletrack Newsdesk 4: New Bikes And Old Legends

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Hannah runs through this week’s bike related highlights.

As always you can watch the Singletrack Newsdesk video or you can skip it and read the highlights below.

Orange Alpine 6 Launched

Also available in wasabi flavour.

More different than you might think to look at it, this long travel 27.5 bike from Halifax has had a few updates.

Go Enduro For £2k!

calibre sentry review
Wallet friendly.

Go Outdoors wants you to Go Enduro with its new shred sled. Hugely long and nicely slack, this is a great bike at a price point that will make getting sendy an option for many.

The Santa Cruz Megatower Is Not Just An Internet Rumour

Tested in the UK

Santa Cruz officially unveiled its own enduro beast, at a somewhat higher price than the Calibre. Read Barney’s review of the Santa Cruz Megatower here, even if you already think you know everything about this bike, because there is no other review like it. We are sure of that.

Protect Your Head With Waves

wavecel helmet bontrager

WaveCel was revealed to be a new helmet technology from Trek/Bontrager. Its impact protection properties were almost immediately disputed by MIPs.

Handmade Glories Paraded In Sacramento

Fun Fundraising. Credit: NAHBS

The North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) provided the usual array of glorious and weird handmade creations. As well as art for art’s sake, this bike by Frank The Welder in conjunction with the Marin Museum of Bicycling is a fundraiser for mountain bike old school legend Charlie Cunningham. Bidding ends Saturday!

Forget #Vanlife, #Vanbuild is where it’s at

We spotted this full squish bike on the internet. It’s pretty, and we like the marketing department. An interview with its creator is here.

You may have noticed, Andi is away. He’s doing other secret things that you’ll hear all about soon.


Newsdesk Out.

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