Review | Panzer Rim Protection takes on the big guns of the tubeless tyre insert world

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Tubeless tyre inserts claim to offer additional protection for your mountain bike rim, so you can run lower tyre pressures for improved traction. The Panzer insert is one of the latest to arrive on the market, so we got our local rim-dinger, David Hayward, to put them through the grinder as part of a tubeless insert group test. Over to David!

As Wil has said elsewhere, 2018 was truly the Year of Foam, with everyone putting foam in everything, especially tyres. Panzer is another contender, with its wedge-profiled, Morzine-tested insert promising to eliminate flats. Like many similar companies, Panzer states it has tested a variety of foams and arrived at one that combines the preferred density and weight, whilst not guzzling tyre sealant.

For those of you who haven’t read any other tyre insert reviews: this sits inside a tubeless tyre, absorbing and slowing down impacts, in turn reducing the chances of pinch flats, burping, punctures or rim dings.

panzer tubeless tyre insert
Panzer Rim Protection is designed to sit inside your tubeless tyres.

Claimed weight for Panzer is 100g per insert – plus or minus 20g, which is quite a large tolerance but still a low amount of weight. Our 27.5in inserts have a verified weight of 109g each.

The yellow branding sticker covers a join, so rather than being made in an enormous mould, these are an extrusion cut to length then welded together at the ends – which means no messing around with knives or zip ties, they’re just ready to go right into an appropriately sized wheel.




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Review Info

Product:Rim Protection
From:Whyte Bikes,
Price:£55 per wheel
Tested:by David Hayward for 2 months

Comments (10)

    Same product, almost half the price, includes valves. British made.

    these would have been great this weekend! I finally saw the light of low pressure when riding my P7 at gisburn and ae! thankfully not confident enough just yet to ding the rim before putting more air in. but there will deffo be a pair of these going in with the next tyres!

    Hey David. What is your fully kitted up rider weight? Constantly tweaking my tyre pressure and that sound really nice and low? Thanks Brendan

    5plus8, we’ve already spoken with the Rimpact guys and should have some in to test soon.

    ff29, I’m about 72Kg, and usually run 17PSI front and back. I can go a little lower with most of these inserts though, especially the higher volume and more supportive ones.

    @nach excellent – it looks so similar, would like to see a back to back shoot out of all rim protection.

    £55 each is frankly mental looking forward to
    The Rimpact review as they are on my shopping list

    Indeed when the Rimpact is 29quid for a pair with valves. I ordered today.

    Sorry I got that wrong I paid 34.99 + shipping for my pair with valves thats nearly a quarter of the price of these reviewed.

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