Don’t Skewer Yourself With A GoPro – Camelbak Sternum Protector Review

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I’ll make a bet. If you were drawing up a shopping list for new bits of body armour right now, I reckon it’d be highly unlikely that you’d have ‘sternum protector’ written down on that post-it note. (If you’re the one person who did have that written down on their post-it note, then please allow me to give you a warm welcome to our humble website, Mr Josh Bender). It isn’t as if our body’s sternum isn’t a delicate part – it hurts to absolute buggery to take a solid hit to the chest (*giggle*). But at least in normal riding circumstances, it isn’t as commonly in the firing line as say your knees, elbows, or head. It’s also an awkward part of the body to shield – in most cases you’d need a full pressure suit, or at least some kind of protective vest to get any coverage over your ribs and sternum. And have you ever tried pedalling uphill wearing one of those things? No thank you ma’am. For those reasons, Camelbak’s Sternum Protector presents...

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