Fresh Goods 419: A Sensible Steel Hardtail, 2 High-Tech Action Cameras, Vampire Blood, And Hannah’s Feet.

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Sometimes it really is difficult to think of a good intro for Fresh Goods Friday. We sit at our computers looking at our screens blankly, waiting for a bolt of inspiration to hit. This bolt can come from anything, a flashback, a comment or simply a number, and today’s number is 360.

FGF 419 intro begins:

“I’m spinning around
Move outta my way
I know you’re feeling me
‘Cause you like it like this
I’m breaking it down
I’m not the same
I know you’re feeling me
‘Cause you like it like this”

Intro Ends.

[Readers may be glad to note that Andi is now on his holidays and recharging his batteries, there’ll be less of this sort of thing again soon once he’s back in shape.]

Genesis Tarn 20

genesis tarn
Double butted steel frame, big tyres and 1×11. Perfect.

Ever looked at a bike and instantly thought “that looks right”? Well, a few of us have muttered that exact phrase after passing the all steel Genesis Tarn 20.

The Tarn is Genesis’ dedicated 27.5+ hardtail designed around progressive geometry, a low stand-over height, Boost hub spacing and chunky 2.8in Maxxis Rekon tyres. This complete Tarn 20 bike comes with a 1×11 Shimano SLX drivetrain, RockShox Pike RC Solo Air fork, and a KS dropper post and looks equally ready to shred or trek.

Insta360 One X

  • Price: £409.99
  • From: Insta360
Time for some 360 action!

The future of action video is here! Well, that’s what Insta360 wants us to believe, and in all honesty, we’re already tasting the CoolAid. The Insta360 One X is the latest 360 camera from the company and is designed specifically for action sports. We’ve gone over a few of the details here in our first look, but in a nutshell, this camera offers super smooth video, active object tracking, Matrix-style “Bullet Time” video and lots more!

MudHugger FR

mudhugger fr
Kind of looks like an Alien head from Aliens.

It’s that sloppy time of year again so we’re again winterising our bikes and the first step is to add a MudHugger. This is the MudHugger FR, or Front Race, and is the same guard that Enduro legend Sam Hill chooses to use. Although it is called the Front Race, there’s nothing stopping you running it as a rear too (may need kitchen scissor treatment).

MudHugger Shorty

mudhugger shorty
Ow, a baby Alien head.

The MudHugger Shorty is a shorter version of the FR above. It’s the one the cool kids tend to choose and offers pretty good mud, water and spray protection despite it’s smaller size. Again you can choose to use the Shorty either front or rear.

Mudhugger Decals

mudhugger decals
Colourful decals for those of you who like to matchy matchy.

If you’re the kind of rider who likes to coordinate then these MudHugger decals are something to look at. Available in a bunch of colours, they can turn your tired, old, MudHugger into a fresher, more youthful model. Andi has gone for orange to match his Fox Factory forks.

Deaneasy ABS Fork Tune

One for the suspension fiddlers.

The Deaneasy ABS Fork Tuning kit is designed to fit all air forks and claims to offer a ton of useful benefits from modifying the compression curve and damping speed of your fork and maintaining performance on long descent that tends to heat up the air and oil inside the damping and spring systems. According to the video tutorial the foam stacks sit inside the air chamber of your fork but don’t replace air as the spring medium. Our kit will fit forks with stanchions ranging from 32-36mm and we’ll be fitting them and giving them a whirl soon. Watch this space.

Bell Super DH

bell super dh helmet
Just in time for the BumbleBee Movie.

You might be wondering why we have another Bell Super DH helmet in? After all, Wil reviewed it here, and Andi has been riding with the other… Well, there’s your answer, isn’t it… Andi, has managed to take quite a tumble on his Super DH. It was a low speed over the bars, off the side of the trail, landing directly on his head on pack horse slabs jobby. He reckons that he’s had similar offs on non-MIPS helmets in the past which have left him dazed, but not with the Bell. This canary yellow convertible has arrived just in time for his jollies too.

Tyre Yogurt

It will fix punctures and it looks like Vampire blood.

Tyre Yogurt is another entry into the competitive sealant market and another option for those of us who don’t fancy leaving nasty stuff all over our trails. The packaging claims that Tyre Yogurt is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable, and will last the lifespan of a tyre. There’s no latex or ammonia in the mixture, yet it says it can handle tears of up to 6mm! Best of all is the colour! Vampire Blood Red, just in time for Halloween.

Stooge Moto bars

stooge moto bars
Hannah is glad that someone has realised that the way to her heart is through hardware.

On the recommendation of Charlie The Bikemonger, Stooge Cycles has sent a pair of its Moto Bars to Hannah to put to the test. These 800mm wide bars offer slightly more backsweep than your usual bar with a massive 17° of comfy swoosh to hand. The 7075 alloy bars also get a generous 38mm rise too, and Stooge claims that a normal set of bars will feel “rubbish” after using these. Interesting.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

  • Price: £379.99
  • From: GoPro
The latest Hero 7 Black with voice control and HyperSmooth stabilisation.

The latest GoPro Hero 7 Black has arrived at the office so we can but the silky smooth stabilisation claims to the test. The Hero 7 Black is the flagship action camera from GoPro and will happily shoot 4K video @ 60FPS, shoot 12 megapixel still photos, and even Live Stream your adventure to your social media account. Andi is taking the Hero 7 on his vacation to see how well the HyperSmooth feature irons out Spanish rocks.

BikeYoke Socks

  • Price: Free
  • From: BikeYoke
BikeYoke Socks
Super bright socks.

Thanks to dropper post maker and Singletrack Readers Award finalist, BikeYoke, Hannah is reliving the 90’s with odd luminous socks. BikeYoke is actually giving pairs of socks away with every dropper post order made on its website from now until Christmas. Socks come in either luminous blue or pink, and are ideal for people who tend to forget where they’ve put their feet.

Now let’s enjoy some funky French music.

And relive the 90’s Hannah-style.

Comments (9)

    £2200 for a steel hardtail? The world has gone mad.

    £409.99 for a little camera? The world has gone mad.
    Does the aforementioned little camera have any kind of lens protection?
    Just thinking about mud ‘n’ grit ‘n’ that getting all up in its grille and the damage.

    Devestated. Ordered a BikeYoke online on Wednesday from a German site, could have had free luminous socks if I’d ordered direct.

    Nothing like a little bit of Kylie on a Friday.

    Why does the name Tyre Yogurt remind me a Baby Gravy..?

    The Tarn is more-or-less the same package as the 2018 version, with the exception of the paintjob and the seatpost I think. I’ve had one for nearly a year now. It’s not cheap, Genesis bikes never are, but it is bloody brilliant. I’ve got a 29×2.35″ set of hoops for mine as well, which tend to see duty when it gets too muddy for the plus tyres, or on rides where there’s a higher percentage of tarmac. Will be interested to see what the inhabitants of Singletrack towers make of it.

    Elastomers in forks. Again. Will we never learn. The world has gone madder.

    You’re all missing the real “worlds gone mad” …..tyre yoghurt. Equates to £60 a litre for sealant. I’d spend approx £200 a year on the family bikes over a year. That’s a hell of a lot of inner tubes. Or okla sealant.

    That Mudhugger long guard really does work! ( that bike is to expensive and the rest is just the usual overpriced, not needed crap)

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