Trickstuff Maxima Brakes Spotted At Eurobike

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Back in issue 115 of Singletrack Magazine we tested the Trickstuff Direttissima, and we were simply blown away by the amount of power the German brakes had on tap, but that wasn’t enough to keep the Trickstuff team from working on something even more powerful.

The new Maxima is currently only a prototype but we managed to get a first look today during Eurobike.

trickstuff maxima
25% more powerful than “A Metric Tonne Of Braking Power ” ?

Trickstuff were already pretty happy with how the Direttissima levers performed so they only made small changes to them for use on the Maxima. Those changes include a slightly altered lever positing and 5mm longer lever blade for improved modulation, but they retained those 4 cartridge bearings to ensure smooth operation and long-life.

Trickstuff Maxima brake
The Maxima uses a modified Direttissima lever.

The Maxima runs Goodridge braided hoses that join those modified levers to all-new Maxima 4 pot calipers with larger 16mm and 17mm diameter pistons that boost power by as much as 25% over the older brake.

trickstuff maxima
Larger pistons and Goodridge hoses promise 25% more power.

The prototype versions that we saw at Eurobike used standard Direttissima levers and preproduction calipers, however, Trickstuff are confident that they’re up to World Cup and in fact the Polygon UR Team are already testing them.

trickstuff maxima
At 800 Euros a pair they aren’t the most affordable but they could be the most powerful.

As with the Direttissima the Trickstuff Maxima won’t be a cheap brake, and while we don’t have official pricing we’re told to expect each brake to cost around 400 Euros, or 800 Euros a set! If you’re feeling flush and fancy a pair of these ultra-powerful brakes you’ll have to wait 2-3 months until pre-orders begin, but be warned these are downhill race brakes only and really not suitable for any other riding.

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