Schwalbe’s new Eddy Current is more aggro than a Magic Mary

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Schwalbe has a new tyre on show at Eurobike, and it’s called the Eddy Current (we’re not sure how Melbourne band, Eddy Current Suppression Ring feels about the name of Schwalbe’s new tyre).

Technically, there’s actually two new tyres though, since the Eddy Current features a front and rear specific profile. The tyres have been developed for e-MTBs, with Schwalbe calling the combo its first purpose-built e-MTB tyre for all mountain and enduro. Given they’re designed to be strapped onto bikes with 250W motors, rolling resistance becomes less of a priority, and you can see this immediately in the tread pattern. Using huge square-shaped tread blocks, reinforced casings and a high volume profile, the Eddy Current tyres appear to sacrifice rolling speed and weight in exchange for maximum traction.

Despite their electric intentions however, we reckon they look like a mega grippy tyre for naturally-aspirated mountain bikes too. Albeit a very heavy tyre.

schwalbe eddy current tyre e-mtb
The Eddy Current has front and rear specific profiles.

Our first real E-MTB specialist for All Mountain and Enduro. It allows uncompromising riding even uphill, takes fierce acceleration as well as technical riding on the trails. Its solid appearance comes from the stable blocks, more rubber and the big widths. The concept with 29″ inch front wheel size and 27.5″ rear wheel size provides maximum performance.” – From Schwalbe.

schwalbe eddy current tyre e-mtb
The Eddy Current front tyre gets humongous cornering tread blocks, and even bigger centre blocks. These tyres aren’t made for fast rolling – there are no ramps to be found anywhere.

Depending on which width and diameter you go for, the Eddy Current tyre is claimed to weigh between 1250g and 1415g – which basically puts them at the same weight as a full-blown downhill tyre. They do use a folding tubeless bead though, with Schwalbe’s reinforced Super Gravity casing and the soft Addix rubber compound for proper gooeyness.

schwalbe eddy current tyre e-mtb
The rear Eddy Current is even blockier, and gets scalloped cuts through each tread block to maximise grip.

Though the front and rear tyres are available in both 27.5in and 29in sizes, Schwalbe is really pushing the concept of running the 29er on the front and the 27.5+ tyre on the rear. This is along the lines of what Canyon is doing with its Spectral:ON e-MTB, which features a 29×2.5in front tyre and a 27.5×2.8in rear tyre.

Schwalbe Eddy Current Tyre Features

  • Designed for all mountain & enduro e-MTB use
  • Front & rear specific tread pattern
  • Addix Soft rubber compound
  • Super Gravity reinforced casing w/Snake Skin sidewalls
  • Front sizes: 27.5×2.8in, 29×2.4in & 29×2.6in
  • Rear sizes: 27.5×2.8in, 29×2.6in
  • Claimed weights: 1250g (29×2.4in) – 1415g (29×2.6in)
schwalbe hans dampf tyre
The Schwalbe Hans Dampf is also new.

As well as the Eddy Current, Schwalbe had a new plus-size version of the Hans Dampf – a tyre that has very recently been overhauled with an all-new tread pattern. Now available in a 2.6in width for both 27.5in and 29in sizes, Schwalbe will also be offering the Hans Dampf in a huge 27.5×2.8in plus size as well. Those sizes join the existing 2.35in width, which you can get in all three wheelsizes.

schwalbe hans dampf tyre
There’s now a humongous 27.5×2.8in size for the Hans Dampf.

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