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Brace yourselves! After a brief suspension of service, summer is returning. Prepare for news coverage of lobster coloured people on beaches, children playing in fountains of questionable water quality, and exclamations of how it was hotter in Hull than Benidorm. Before you head home to whip off your suits and slip into your speedos, it’s time to get all hot and sweaty over all the new product that’s landed this week. It’s Fresh Goods Friday 401!

Cube Reaction TM

  • Price: £1,599
  • From: Cube
Grey bike, blue skies. Better than the other way round.

This is from the top of the Reaction range of hardtails by Cube, which offers a huge range of price points to suit every pocket. A 130mm Fox 34 Rhythm fork, Shimano XT 1×11 transmission and Magura MT trail brakes adorn this alloy frame, giving this build a claimed 13.1kg weight. On trend 2.6in tyres and a 67 degree head angle make this a handy looking package.

Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery Beer

In celebration of Stu’s HT550

Stu sent us a batch of beer to say thank you for sorting him out with various bits of kit for his Highland Trail 550 attempt. Frankly, we think we got the easy end of the deal. Well done Stu – check out his race report here.

250 London Tropical Race Jersey

Welcome to the jungle.

A motorcross inspired jersey company that Chipps spotted at the Malverns. They make jerseys for people who aren’t shy – Chipps was a bit overcome with choice. This one is a lightweight mesh jersey for hot days, and for an extra £20 they’ll print your name on it so no one can steal it, or they can shout at you in races.

250 london
Here’s a close up of that loudness for you.

Off Grid Energy Tablets

  • Price: £4.60 per pot/£11.50 for 3
  • From: Off Grid
To keep you switched on when you’re off grid?

Vegan friendly energy tablets to add to your water bottle, containing guarana, rhodiola, green coffee beans, and ginseng for mental alertness, but no sugar (for waistline pertness?).

Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Protective Body Mist

A can full of science.

Sadly this isn’t a nettle protection spray, but is in fact a water and sweat resistant tan enhancer. At the same time as protecting you from moderate sun, this will apparently moisturise your skin and encourage the production of melanin – making you tan more. Perfect for working on sharp cycling tan lines then, maybe?


  • Price: £79.99 (liner), £29.99 (valves)
  • From: Ison
Valves are available in black or green

Chipps brought the 29er version of this back form Sea Otter with him, and now we’ve got the 27.5 version along with specially designed valves from their new UK distributor, Ison Distribution.

Abus Bordo Alarm Lock

Folding lock with alarm!

This lock will fold up until you need it, and if someone tries to nick your beloved bike while it’s locked up it’ll sound a 100dB alarm for 15 seconds.

Shimano GR7 Shoes, Women’s Fit

Minty fresh laces. Mint. As the youth might say.

Sticky flat pedal shoes but in a women’s fit last – a touch narrower than the shoes we tested here. A little stretchy rubble sock around the ankle is an interesting addition, designed to keep the stones out of your shoes.

Blubel Bike Navigator

Bell Blubell
More than just a ding-a-ling.

This is not just a bell, this is a bell that will tell you where to go! In conjunction with an app, plan your route and then the lights on top of the bell will light up to indicate when you have a turn coming up.

Silky Fox Pocketboy

Saw Silky Maintenance
Satisfyingly purposeful.

Silky Fox folding saws come in three different tooth sizes and two different lengths. Here we have a medium toothed 170mm saw (130mm being the shorter length). It comes in its own specially shaped case for carrying on you belt should you wish, or just for keeping it away from your flapjack remnants in your pack. Trail obstacles should be no object with this to hand – useful for those first post storm rides. Designed to cut on the pull stroke and made from SK-4 carbon steel with a ‘Gom’ rubber grip that reduces vibration and stays grippy even in wet conditions.

Alpkit Fuel Pod 25

Alpkit Fuel Pod FGF
Fill with snacks and ride

Made with the UltraLight Tarmac fabric, this is a neat little pack to mount on your top tube. Designed to hold your snacks so they’re easily accessible for food on the go, and made with waterproof fabric because no one likes a soggy sandwich.

Motion Ride E18 Anti-Dive Fork

Motion fork
Don’t be fooled, there are no bearings.

Don’t be fooled by a first glance at this: there are no bearings to service and no leaf springs. Designed from a perspective of physics first – what’s the motion, how can we make that work – rather than taking existing technology and tweaking it, this is a very different looking and performing fork which promises no dive. Andi’s been out riding it – there’ll be a full web feature soon, but check out this live video in the meantime if you’re interested. If you’re really interested, there’s a 20% offer available for anyone that wants to sign up as an ambassador.

Since we’ve had Matthieu from Motion Ride here in the office, we thought we’d let him pick today’s tune. He’s given us two options – first a very traditional (and apparently famous) French song about bikes:

And then another (famous in France) song which imagines a different world with different ways of doing things – which is what Matthieu says he is all about (he really likes maths and physics. Him and Mark have been getting on very well).

Allons-y! Avez vous un weekend genial!

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