Mountain Mayhem Returns For 2019. And yes, it’ll be a 24 hour race

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Mountain Mayhem, the longest running 24hr mountain bike endurance event in the world, has announced its dates for 2019 – exactly one year ahead to the day.
The iconic event, the first ever 24hr MTB race in Europe, has been copied by many, but none have quite managed to capture that special Mountain Mayhem feeling. Many have missed having the event on their 2018 calendar after the event decided to take a year off – the first in its 20 year history.

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Elbows out…

“We decided to take a year out – like Glastonbury. It’s given us chance to think about how we’ll move forward into our next decade. We have taken the opportunity to let riders tell us how they would like Mountain Mayhem to go forward. The overwhelming message has been ‘It’s not broke, so don’t fix it’. But we also have some riders who would like to see some new challenges without losing the fundamental heartbeat of the event, the 24hr race and the fun-filled family weekend that for many is their highlight of the MTB summer. This is what we will be addressing on 21st, 22nd and 23rd June 2019” said Jill Greenfield, owner of Mountain Mayhem.

Chipps’ hat is nearly as old as the event. It’ll be back too.

Not only will there be new elements to the race, but also a brand new private estate location, slap bang in the middle of the country with tons of MTB virgin territory just waiting to be explored:

“Creating a course through amazing woodland and incorporating climbs we had no idea even existed in Northamptonshire is truly exciting, not to mention a challenge, but definitely one that I relish” said course designer, Alex McNicol. “We can’t believe how lucky we are to have found this estate, especially as it has such great links to so many major roads – M1, M6, A14 etc, which has to be great news for riders.”

Here’s a taster:

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Photographer/ Jelly Baby saint.

DJ Wil at last year’s event.The exact location of the estate is still under wraps, but this video gives a flavour of what might be in store. All we are told right now is that the estate has great historic significance – that and some great singletrack, woodland and climbs of course.

Hecklers Hill
At least two of these arms are ironic.

More details will be announced over the coming weeks and months with earlybird tickets going on sale soon. Next June looks to be rather a full month, with potentially: Fort William World Cup, Tweedlove, the Malverns Classic and Mountain Mayhem all on consecutive weekends. Get that dog-sitter/childcare/luxury camping pod booked now!

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    “a brand new private estate location, slap bang in the middle of the country”

    Northamptonshire, slap bang in the middle of the country? Cobblers…

    That was my thought too. Someone needs to look at a map.

    What Pyro said…

    is it going to be a bog fest where your wheels stop working?

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