The Renthal Fatbar Is Dead! Long Live The Fatbar!

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The venerable Renthal Fatbar (and Fatbar Lite) have been around on bikes for, well, we can’t actually remember a time before them, to be honest. Anyway, it was time for a complete revamp and Renthal has used that opportunity to go wider with both bars (now up to 800mm on the Fatbar and 760mm on the Fatbar Lite). The weights have even come down. And, bike-colour-coordinators will be pleased to hear that while the iconic gold colour remains, there’s a stealthy new black alloy version available.

And, amusingly, the packaging states that the Fatbars are approved for use with ALL wheelsizes

Trail, Enduro, XC, All Mountain and APPROVED FOR ALL WHEELSIZES!

The bars launch today, so you should see them in shops very soon. We have a couple of pairs on test, so we’ll let you know if they help keep our grips off the ground.

The Fatbar is now 800mm wide and the Lite is 760mm
Our table needs a polish…

Fatbar, Version 2
The second version of the Fatbar has undergone a full structural re-design. In keeping with the demand for wider, gravity oriented handlebars, Renthal has increased the width to 800mm, still using its high grade 7050 T6 aluminium and variable gauge taperwall tubing. With some careful and efficient use of material, the weight on the downhill-strong bar has dropped to a trail-worthy 315g. At the same time Renthal claims the bar has the same “legendary strength and durability” and match the stiffness of the original Fatbar.

Still comes in gold
And now black. For the shy.

The new Fatbar is available in four rise options; 10, 20 30 and 40mm. And (finally!) Renthal has  now added a colour option; either the iconic Renthal ‘AluGold’ hard anodised or the all-new, all-black hard anodised finish.
RRP of the Fatbar 2 will be £69.95

Fatbar Lite, Version 2
The popular trail-ready Fatbar Lite has been given some structural tweaks too to bring it up to date with an increased width at 760mm while Renthal has actually kept the same weight of 270g. The new Fatbar Lite still maintains the same level of strength and durability, matching the stiffness of the original Fatbar Lite.

Fatbar Lite – in Gold and…
…you get the idea.

Again, the Fatbar Lite is available in 10, 20 30 and 40mm rises. And in the new stealthy black option – or the classic Renthal AluGold hard anodised. Both options are hard anodised for durability.
RRP is also £69.95

Fatbar 35 and Fatbar Lite 35 Black Hard Anodised Option;

To co-ordinate with the launch of the version 2 Fatbar and Fatbar Lite, Renthal has now added a hard black anodised option to its over-oversize Fatbar 35 and Fatbar Lite 35 range.
RRP, you’ve kind of guessed it now – £69.95

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Comments (4)

    Fat bikes aren’t listed on the approved wheel size list. Would you risk riding these bars on a fat bike? Not sure if I would.

    Just bought a set of gold FatLite 35 bars and an Apex stem and some yellowish Renthal kevlar lockons. I was a little disappointed not to have a black option. But just to demonstrate how fickle the great buying public are, now that there is a black option, I still think I would have gone gold. Somehow it’s more ‘Renthal’, despite clashing with every other component on the bike! Go figure! Stil, smart move having an option at least.

    I wish they would make a flat bar

    Shame they haven’t hired a graphic designer yet :p

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