Video: Eliot Jackson Raw In Rotorua

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You know exactly what kind of video this is going to be in the first few shots, when you realise how fast Eliot Jackson is receding from the camera… vertically. He’s full of joy, and expresses it mainly through his bike but sometimes audibly too. He seems like a man who knows exactly where the limit of his tyres is, and is comfortable going beyond it on sketchy lines. Here’s two minutes of off-camber, on the limit fun:

“The Sound of Speed series is all about enjoying the best of biking in its rawest form. From tyres kicking up the dirt, to the mechanical clatter of the chain it’s the rhythm of the music we ride to. American downhiller Eliot Jackson, hit up the famous Rotorua trails in New Zealand earlier this year. With his trademark steezy moves and audible joy, whoop along with Jackson as he takes on Skyline Bike Park and Whakarewarewa Forest.”

Eliot Jackson - Sound of Speed
Clip-in, like most downhillers nowadays.
Eliot Jackson - Sound of Speed
This might look like an awkward position, but watch him in motion and you’ll see everything he does is setting up for the next thing.
Eliot Jackson - Sound of Speed
Audible whoops, but no “Whoops!”, even on the sketchiest lines.

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    Love the sound of the bike taking a battering

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