Monday Debrief 105

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Holy macaroni it’s cold. Wil is in denial, and has come to work wearing shorts because he caught a glimpse of the sun this morning. The rest of us are in various stages of wrapping. Merino, synthetic fleece, lambswool and feathers – and that’s just Amanda’s footwear. The Editorial team inhabits the side of Singletrack Towers that gets less sun than the Bean Counting team, and we’re increasingly suspicious that it’s no accident that the Bean Counters’ office is also where the thermostat resides. Anyway, on the plus side, there is nothing falling from the sky, and it was a glorious weekend too, so let’s check out what the gang has been up to…

puddle wet pond
Yes, this is a trail.

I got out for a quick loop on Sunday morning. The sun was shining and the sky was blue, but the wind was bitterly cold, and I was very careful not to need to stop right in the middle of this trail/pond.

yeti Amanda
Correct deployment of bike stand stick.

Amanda found the perfect bike stand twig at Healey Nab (when you’re the Art Director of a bike magazine, sticks like this are really important) and rode Hebden with odd socks.

legs mud
Odd socks, or just one that fell down?

We’ll let Chipps tell you about his adventures in his own words:

I spent a fun Friday night driving to the lovely town of Buxton, where the great Hans Rey was in the middle of his speaking tour of the UK. The Pavillion theatre in Buxton was sold out completely and Hans entertained everyone for a good couple of hours, charting his start in the sport and his constant reinvention as a trials rider, TV star and now modern adventurer and ambassador. He was even joined on stage by Steve Peat to recount a couple of classic adventures. 

He finished to a rousing applause, wheelied his bike off the stage and spent the following half an hour signing autographs for a legion of fans. Hans is still very much the man. Thanks Chipps – proving there that you’re never to old for a spot of fan boy-ing, and never too long in the industry to have idols.

evening sun
Ross, so artistic.

Ross got unusually artistic (usually he forgets to take any photos at all): Looonngg shadows, awesome light and trails, culminating in two wheeled drift to face plant!

We’re guessing that’s the face plant.

Warning: The next items feature the C-Word.

It’s a raccoon, not a badger. Apparently.

We’re getting ready for another big advent build up and giveaway – make sure you tune in from 1st December to check out all that’s going on. At the moment we’re building the set and dressing it, for which we need decorations. Here is our traditional Christmas Raccoon. Rick the Raccoon? Or is it a Rowena? Is it even a raccoon? Anyway, if you want to avoid being given things like unwanted raccoons this Christmas, don’t forget to tell your loved ones what it is you really want this year:

Sub, in a box.

Our Sub In A Box is full of Singletrack goodness –

Within is the latest edition of Singletrack magazine so the lucky recipient can get stuck straight in, reading about and gazing upon all things mountain bike. Also included is a gift card for a year’s subscription to Singletrack Magazine both in print and digital. This super gift box is better than ever, it currently comes with a FREE copy of MOUNTAIN BIKING: The untold British Story (whilst stocks last).

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