endura mt500 overshoe flats five tens

Endura Launches Flat Pedal Specific Waterproof Overshoes

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Scottish cycling apparel brand Endura has just released its brand new MT500 Plus Overshoe, which as far as we’re aware, is the first waterproof overshoe (or ‘booties’ if you will) designed specifically for use with flat pedals and shoes. We’re told that the MT500 Plus is the result of years of prototyping and testing to find the right balance for creating a durable and waterproof overshoe, whilst still being open enough to allow sufficient contact between shoe tread and pedal body – a challenge that up until now, hasn’t been tackled head-on.

endura mt500 overshoe flats five tens
The MT500 is Endura’s waterproof overshoe. This one here is designed specifically for flat pedals and shoes – the first of its kind (that we’re aware of).

We spotted the latest prototype for the flat pedal overshoe at Core Bike earlier this year, and it looks like the production version is pretty similar to that prototype. The upper is made of a stretchy neoprene fabric (like a wetsuit), though it has a Nylon inner face that offers more abrasion resistance between the booty and your shoes. Apparently Endura experimented with numerous materials, including some of the hard-wearing Nylon fabrics it uses for its heavy duty waterproof jackets, but settled back on neoprene due to its adaptable fit and flexibility.

At the base of the heel is a small loop designed to help you ease the booties on. A Velcro strip runs down the back of each overshoe, which Endura chose over a traditional zip for durability purposes. The overshoes come up quite high above the ankles, as they’re designed to fit snugly around your lower calves, while tucking in underneath riding pants.

endura mt500 overshoe flats five tens
The open rubber sole on the MT500 Plus Overshoe allows for uninterrupted contact between the sole of your shoes and the pedal body.

The rubber sole is where the magic happens however. With a large opening underneath the ball of the foot, the MT500 Plus Overshoe aims to maintain your existing contact between shoe and pedal body, so that traction pins can claw onto the rubber shoe sole for predictable grip. The overshoe also features moulded tread underneath the toe to increase walking grip, and overall it looks rather thick and substantial for durability.

endura mt500 overshoe flats five tens
Stretchy neoprene upper promises flexibility and durability.

Priced at £44.99 for the pair, the MT500 Plus Overshoe will be available in three different sizes (S-M, M-L and L-XL). Endura states the MT500 Plus Overshoe offers a wide fit that’s designed to accommodate chunky skate-style shoes, such as those from Five Ten, and Vaude. It also states that you can use these overshoes with SPD shoes as well, particularly those that are on the chunkier side like the Giro Chamber SPD shoes or the Specialized 2FO Cliplite shoes.

For more information and to find your nearest stockist, head here; www.endurasport.com

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Comments (16)

    I am so wanting these to be good. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!

    “Riding pants”?! I like the shoe covers, but the underwear I ride in isn’t that long 😉

    I am so wanting these to be good. SOMEONE ELSE TRY THEM PLEASE!!!!!!!

    @Rubber_Buccaneer – we have samples on the way for testing, so we’ll keep you posted!

    @Chipko Andolan – then clearly you ain’t doin it right 🙂

    Meh. Pretty happy with my Five ten Freerider eps high. Insulated and splash proof.

    At last. Fingers crossed these are good…

    Let’s hope they last. Thinking they might get chewed pretty quick. Have to wait and see.

    Never got on with overshoes – they add extra bulk and fall apart pretty quickly. I’ll stick with my Sealskinz.

    I don’t really understand why so many are so excited. Coming from the roadie side, I’m so happy to not needing overshoes, leggings, winter bibs, etc etc.

    So much easier to dress for a winter ride on mtb in the woods.

    Maybe (like me) they get REALLY cold feet in the winter and are excited by the prospect of being able to feel their feet in a “non-block of ice” way.

    I already size up the shoe and use Sealskinz – still get frozen feet if I’m out for more than an hour or two.

    I’m not saying that these will or wont work, just explaining why I’d REALLY like them to!!!


    Buy electric insoles.

    Works like a charm when really cold.


    Or use plastic bags under your socks. Won’t keep your shoes dry, but will keep your feet warm. In my experience they last longer than Endura overshoes.

    Agree with some of the comments. I’d like a decent flat pedal shoe for the winter like the various SPD options available but I’ve given up on that happening. These overshoes could be the next best thing but past experience has been that overshoes don’t cope at all well with MTBing where I’m inevitably going to be trudging through deep mud now and then

    Thanks lagerblad and LAT. Will look into the insoles and try the placky bag idea.

    I’d also thought about wet suit booties but not sure that how well they’d work.

    @scc999 my two Ps worth. Try good thick walking wool socks instead of sealskinz. Much better IMO.

    Nice idea, I used to use some climbing gaiters with rubber rands many years ago on SPD shoes and appreciated the extra dryness. The wellie like appearance of those attracted the wrong sort of attention, though.
    Looking at the pic above taken from below, the pedal seems to be positioned very forefoot. I think the majority of flats riders have learned a more foot forward position, especially for descending. I would expect Endura to have taken this into account but looking at the pin wear on the bottom of my 510’s I feel the pedals rear edge pins would maybe eat the stirrup piece of the overshoe.
    I’ll be waiting for the review, walking uphill in mud might be hard too. Some flats shoes have a bit more tread at the extremes to help with this. I suppose you can really add that feature to overshoes, though, as the traction wouod pull them around.

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