Video: T-Mo’s Top Tubeless Tyre Trick

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Tubeless tyres are brilliant. Except when they’re not.

As much as tubeless tyre technology has progressed since it’s wide adoption across most mountain bike circles, the reality is that you can still suffer a flat, even with the best tyres on the market. And that blows.

To fix those bigger punctures that tubeless sealant cannot, a tyre plug is a brilliant way of plugging up the tyre to allow it to be re-sealed. We’ve tested and reviewed the tubeless tyre repair kit from Genuine Innovations, as well as the secret agent-worthy Dynaplug tubeless puncture repair kit, and they’ve since become essential pieces of equipment in our kit bags.

Using a little sharp pointy fondue fork, the kit allows you to insert a sticky rubbery piece of string (we call them ‘anchovies’) through the hole in the tyre, before pulling the handle out of the tyre to leave the anchovy wedged inside the hole. Once the hole is plugged, tubeless sealant can coagulate around the anchovy, re-sealing the tyre. Voila!

tubeless repair weldtite
Tubeless tyre repair kits. Brilliant, but a bit pointier and stickier than other things inside your backpack.

Whether you’re racing enduro, or just trail riding with mates on the weekend, these little repair kits are worth their weight in gold. However, storing the sharp little pointy fondue fork and the sticky anchovies can be a bit tricky.

For enduro racers like Tracy Moseley, a tubeless tyre repair kit is also an essential piece of kit, and she’s got a clever way of carrying them inside her enormous kit bag that is featured in the brand new issue of Singletrack Magazine.

See Chipps demonstrate this rather simple and cheap, but nifty way of storing a pre-loaded tubeless repair plug in the Facebook Live video below;

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