Killer Hardtails Photoshoot With Alpinestars

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Issue 114 will be hitting your doormats or the shelves of your local newsagents any day now, and in it we went to Innsbruck to test three killer hardtails. To make sure we were looking as good as the bikes and the scenery, ZyroFisher kitted us out with three complete outfits. In the interests of bringing you a better look at the clothes, we took some time out of riding bikes to model them, much to the amusement of our local guide, who told us we were more fun to work with than the German journalists. Here’s the results…

Here we are demonstrating clothing in action…
Innsbruck Clothing Feature
…and here we are demonstrating clothing in relaxation mode.

Followers of our regular Fresh Goods Friday feature will no doubt be aware that the camera loves Wil and Wil loves the camera, so let’s start with him and his outfit.

So natural. What a guy.

Alpinestars Drop 2 LS Jersey

Cropped, so you can’t look lovingly into Wil’s eyes.

This is a technical jersey with mesh panels on the chest and back to keep you ventilated. On our third day in Innsbruck, this proved a handy addition to our kit bag, as the weather turned a touch cooler at the Alpine heights, but was noticeably warmer on the lower slopes.

Alpinestars Drop 2 SS Jersey

Stoke level maximum.

This is the short sleeved version of the Drop 2 jersey, which allows us to behold the muscles in Wil’s arms. Look at him, ripped and ripping round that corner. Damn that guy.

Bell Super 3 Helmet

It is important to protect your face when it is this pretty.

Perhaps Wil should have added the removable chin bar in order to be sure of keeping his good looks, but at least his brains were safely wrapped up in this helmet as tackled the tricky Nordkette Singletrail. If you think your brain deserves even more protection than Wil’s you can also upgrade to the Super3 with MIPS.

Alpinestars Flow Glove

Are those small hands or are they far away?

With little TPR (thermo plastic elastomer) finger protectors on the uppers to help protect your digits, Wil’s nose picking/braking fingers were safe and sound.

Alpinestars Drop 2 Shorts

Authentic Innsbruck mud spatters.

The zipped pockets came in handy for safely stowing a lift pass. Wil took some persuading that the ‘Dynamic Flow Control’ referred to air flow, and the zipped ventilation zones, and were not for on the move toilet breaks.

Giro Terraduro Mid Shoes and Alpinestars Summer Socks

  • Price: £159.99 (shoes) £12 (socks)
  • From: ZyroFisher
None of that gravel is going to get to Wil’s toes.

This mid-top version of the popular Terraduro gives extra protection for ankles and helps keep out the water. They’re also suitable for use when tip-toeing down some of the trickier parts of the trail.


Very casual view admiring in action.

On now to Hannah, who does not enjoy being in front of the camera, so here she is looking away from the camera, at the view.

Alpinestars Stella Drop 2 LS Jersey

Yay! Orange kit for women! Not pink!

This is the women’s cut version of Wil’s jersey, with all the same technical features. It’s available in three different colours.

Stella Drop 2 SS Jersey
Women with muscles. It’s probably a hashtag.

Looking a touch more relaxed now she’s on the bike, here’s Hannah demonstrating that the Stella short sleeve jersey does just as good a job of displaying your arms muscles as the men’s.

Giro Cartelle Mips Womens Helmet

Hannah: I am relaxed.

Still loving being in front of the camera, Hannah is not unhappy, she’s just not actively smiling. But she should be smiling, because her brain is safely protected by this helmet with MIPS protection. And since she might just have fallen off a couple of times in Innsbruck, it’s just as well.

Alpinestars Stella F-Lite Glove

Lightweight and breathable.

These are stretchy lightweight gloves that give a close fit. They’re quite minimalist, with no additional protection like Wil’s gloves, but they’re still looking fresh here, even after three days of riding (and falling off).

Alpinestars Stella Drop 2 Shorts

These shorts come with a padded liner short.

In colours to match the jersey, and again a women’s cut with all the technical features of Wil’s men’s version, these are the Stella Drop 2 shorts.

Giro Jacket Shoes and Alpinestars Crew Socks

  • Price: £99.99 (shoes), £15 (socks)
  • From: ZyroFisher
Socks feature light shin protection.

The Jackets are flat pedal shoes available in three different colours. Hannah has been wearing them to ride in ever since she got back from Innsbruck. The socks feature some thicker fabric areas – the blue panels on the front – to give a little extra shin protection from small stones or prickly bushes.


Pure Blue Steel. Or blue on steel, anyway.

Finally, we’re on to Rob, who is adept at looking strong and moody in front of the camera.

Giro Chronicle MIPs Helmet

That’s not a smile, it’s an Elvis sex snarl.

Keeping our Mr Crayon’s head full with brains full of pretty design ideas, and stopping him spreading them all over the trail, he’s wearing this MIPS equipped helmet with deep coverage around the back of the head.

Alpinestars Mesa LS Jersey

Available in five colour options.

This jersey is long at the back to keep your lower back covered on the bike, and has contoured sleeves so there’s no flappy fit.

Alpinestars Mesa SS Jersey

Innsbruck Clothing Feature
No laughing. Just bossing the trail.

Being a young fashion conscious thing, Rob has taken his short sleeved jersey and rolled the sleeves up to highlight the hours that he’s been putting in at the gym.

Alpinestars Predator Shorts

Available in five colours to match the Mesa jersey.

These are lightweight shorts with an elasticated crotch and yoke for maximum flexibility and movement on the bike.

Alpinestars Vector Glove

Available in three colours.

Lightweight gloves with single-piece upper spandex construction and velcro fastener on the wrists for a snug fit.

Giro Jacket Shoes and Alpinestars Crew Socks

  • Price: £55 (shoes), £15 (socks)
  • From: ZyroFisher
Who wore them best? Hannah or Rob?

Rob, being a flat pedal rider like Hannah, is also wearing the Giro Jackets, but in this bright orange trim and blue version. So stylish you’d not look out of place down the pub.

Innsbruck Clothing Feature
Not at the pub yet…
Wil holding imaginary beer, Hannah opening imaginary nuts?
Casual downtime shots. So chillaxed.

Talking of chillaxed…our photographer James Vincent wasn’t provided with an outfit for the trip. In hindsight, this was probably a terrible oversight.


The trip to Innsbruck was sponsored by Innsbruck Tourist Board, and this feature was sponsored by ZyroFisher.

Hannah Dobson

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