Genuine Innovations Tubeless Repair Kit

February 9, 2015

How do you fix a tubeless tyre with a hole in? Read on

Genuine Innovations
Tubeless Repair Kit
by Chipps for Five months.

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Tubeless tyres are great things and once they’re mounted and lined with juice, they’re reasonably impervious to the rocks and thorns of the world. However, sometimes they do get a flat and there are several ways to fix it. Sometimes a bit of jiggling of the tubeless fluid around and over the hole can get it to seal, but sometimes you have to admit defeat and throw in a tube. Sometimes it won’t seal because all your fluid has dried up into little Stan’s Monsters, but other times, the hole is just too big to seal.

Putting a tube into a tubeless tyre often leaves you and the tube covered in tubeless slime as you’ll have to pull it out again to re-tubeless the tyre, so a couple of companies have developed tubeless repair kits that can be done trailside without removing the tyre (and breaking the all-important bead seal).

The Genuine Innovations kit is the most stripped down of those available, consisting of a tiny fondue-fork tool and what looks like five, 5cm bits of rubbery, hairy string (or ‘anchovies’). However, these really can save your bacon on the trail (and have done so for me).

Find the hole. Stick a pointy tool or small hex key in to make sure you’ve got a clean hole, load up a bit of rubbery string in the tool, smear a little glue around the hole to taste and plunge it, fondue-style into the hole. The tool will come out, leaving a loop of rubbery string inside the tyre and two ends poking out. Job done, tyre sealed. You can trim the ends if you have a knife, or leave them to erode. I’ve fixed several tyres this way, usually when time was of the essence, and I’m a convert.

Overall: The cleverest little accessory you possibly didn’t know about. Essential trail spares.

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