Video and Photos: Loosefest Highlights

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You’re probably used to hearing about cobbles, mud and cyclocross from Belgium; not hills with freaking enormous jump lines carved into them, but below is the video proof. It’s easy to get a bit numb to videos of people jumping things on bikes, but this might wake you up, as it’s really quite intense. It features some familiar riders, phenomenally large jumps, occasional cases of those jumps, and some exhilaratingly fast POV footage. See further down for a rider list and some photos too.

(Can’t see a video above? Then try this link instead).

Loosefest was an invitational freeride event held in southern Belgium, hosted by Nico Vink. It’s part of a worldwide, yearly series of freeride events. Riders at this one, in order of appearance in the video above, were:

Connor Macfarlane
Oscar Harnstrom
Kirill Benderoni
Kristoff Lenssens
Clemens Kaudela
Sam Reynolds
Joel Anderson
Tom Istead
Andreu Lacondeguy (with an engine!)
Craig Evans
Josh Bryceland
Remy Morton
Vinny T
Antoine Buffard
Nico Vink
Bas Van Steenbergen

“The boys went crazy during the week and made friends with these beasts slowly, but by the last session everyone was going crazy and more sideways than anyone thought possible on these things! Such a fun week with everyone! I’ll let the edit do the talking, sit back and enjoy the best of Loosefest 2017!”

Loosefest 2017 highlights
Rubber side down… eventually.
Loosefest 2017 highlights
(This rider is actually the size of a bumblebee).
Loosefest 2017 highlights
We wonder how many goes it took to get the timing just right on this.
Loosefest 2017 highlights
The neighbours Leylandi are getting out of control.
Loosefest 2017 highlights
Having exhausted every possible way of reorienting a bike, we hear next year they’re going to have four dimensional jumps and non-Euclidean bike geometry.
Loosefest 2017 highlights
There’s something about jumps this big, taken from this angle, that just doesn’t parse… until you watch the video and realise how phenomenally fast they’re going.
Loosefest 2017 highlights
Is that an ebike at the back?
Loosefest 2017 highlights
They said they’d only ride when the weather conditions were optimal, and I guess sometimes that’s after dark.

“So you thought you’d seen it all. Loosefest 2017 raised the bar to a whole new level again. Sit back and and enjoy 6 minutes of mind blowing insanity at the worlds gnarliest event.

Filming by:
Thomas Sandell
Gaëtan Rey (Shaperideshoot)
Jelle Harnisfeger
Félix Le Blanc
Richard Van Der Vieren (
Bart Cautaerts”

Loosefest 2017 highlights

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