Eurobike 2017: ABS For Ebikes, Updated Vyron And More From Magura

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There were some major changes over at Magura this year, some visible, some more hidden but no less significant for it.

The biggest news from them this year is that their high-end brakes have a completely new lever shape. You may remember the HC lever was released as an after market upgrade, but for 2018 the MT6 and MT7 brakes will ship with the 1-finger HC lever as standard. Previously, riders with big enough hands have been able to run the old-style 2-finger levers set up for single finger braking, but now it’s within reach of everyone, so to speak.

Magura - Eurobike 2017
The MT6 HC weighs 225g, has a two piston caliper, and will cost €179.90
Magura - Eurobike 2017
Here’s the new HC lever shape.
Magura - Eurobike 2017
The MT7 HC is a step up, with four piston calipers and again, the one finger HC lever.
Magura - Eurobike 2017
The MT7 HC is 255g and €211.90 per end.
Magura - Eurobike 2017
The MT8 Carbon is absurdly light at 200g per brake, with a carbon fibre lever blade, and Magura’s Carbotecture calipers.
Magura - Eurobike 2017
The lever blade is still the older two finger shape, compared to the 1-finger HC lever.
Magura - Eurobike 2017
This is the HC3 lever, which doesn’t come as standard on any brake and is their new after market upgrade. As well as the bite and reach adjuster, it has another adjuster in the centre of the lever, meaning you can tweak the actual lever shape and get it set up exactly how you want (apologies for poor image quality). We’ll add the UK RRP as soon as we have it.
They’ve completely updated the Vyron seatpost, with much quicker electronics and a new, faster motor.

One of the criticisms levelled against the first version of the Vyron was the delay of about 0.5 seconds, which most riders got used to but was nonetheless noticeable. A demo station on the Magura stand had a newer version of the Vyron with sped up electronics. There’s still a slight delay, but it is a great deal closer to the timing you’d expect from a regular cabled or oil-remote dropper post.

There are also going to be more travel options for the 2018 seatpost. Previously it was 150mm travel only, but they’ll now be offering 100mm and 125mm options too.

The remote also comes with the single button cover as standard now, making it much easier to find the button without having to look at your bars.
Magura - Eurobike 2017
The Boltron ebike upside down fork was only available OEM, but will soon be available to everyone through Magura dealers. Travel is 120mm or 150mm; availability is mid-October and the price will be £999.
The Storm SL.2 is Magura’s lighter range of rotors. That weight is saved by means of bigger cutouts, rather than thinning it.

Magura’s rotors have been tweaked a little and harmonised so all of them can be run with all of their brakes. All are 2mm thick, but the Storm HC rotors are more heavyweight and the Storm SL.2 designed for people who want to save a bit of weight. All can be used with 2- or 4-pot calipers, and while the HC comes in 160mm, 180mm, and 203mm, the SL.2 is only 160 or 180mm – apparently the large cutouts meant they couldn’t get a 203mm version stiff enough, so they decided not to send the prototype into production.

One last tidbit is Magura’s ABS system for ebikes. At the moment, it’s not for mountain bikes and they didn’t comment on whether or not that would be happening any time soon…
Magura - Eurobike 2017
… an interesting bit of information we picked up though was someone from Magura saying it was impossible to lose front wheel traction with it. Eliminating front wheel washouts? Now that would be smart.
Magura - Eurobike 2017
Here are some of the lever shapes Magura offer, from one finger to three.

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