Jeff Kendall-Weed Will Make You Want To Quit Mountain Biking

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Yet again, Jeff Kendall-Weed is here to prove that he is a trail riding god amongst mere mortals. One of the most talented people aboard two wheels (though to be fair, he’s rarely riding on both at the same time), Kendall-Weed’s effortless style makes for some addictive watching. It is indeed the reason why Kendall-Weed made our list of Top 20 Instagram accounts to follow.

In his latest riding edit (or ‘shredit’ as we have heard the youths call it), Kendall-Weed takes us on a boat plane (as you do) to check out some lesser known trails on an island in British Columbia. As per usual, the level of riding is absolutely insane, with Kendall-Weed pushing the boundaries of what can be ridden – and more importantly – how it can be ridden, aboard his trusty Ibis Mojo 3 trail bike.

If you have a sensitive ego, we warn you – you will want to turn away now…

jeff kendall-weed ibis mojo jump
Occasionally Jeff Kendall-Weed rides on the ground also.

Mountain bike Vancouver Island with Jeff Kendall-Weed! Jeff finds some inspiration at a neighborhood garage sale with a handy guide book to the island (“Get in the Van! Vancouver Island that is!” Insider tips to discover Canada’s Second Most Populated Island After The Island of Montreal by Bike”). Fly in to the sunny shores, and check through the list of things to do, and best places to visit, in one of the most special places in British Columbia, Canada” – From Jeff-diggity and his team.

jeff kendall-weed boat plane ibis mojo 3
“I’m on a boat……plane”

Check out the new ‘Get in the Van!’ video below, and if you like what you watch, then it’s worth subscribing to Kendall-Weed’s YouTube channel, as he’s got plenty more entertaining videos in the bank. Including that insane one where he rides some of the old RedBull Rampage lines in Utah… Oh, and while you’re there, you might as well save yourself some time and subscribe to the Singletrack Magazine YouTube channel too eh? Seamless…

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