The Gnarcissist Hits Kickstarter

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We told you about this bike a few weeks ago, simply because its name was too brilliantly bonkers to ignore. The story received a lot of interest, while the bike attracted mixed comments.

The Gnarcissist.
The Gnarcissist.

One of the things that attracted much debate was the fact that this photo made it look like a dirt jump bike with tiny wheels. But no, this is a 29er. So for the Kickstarter project that has just gone live, the boys at the Sick Bicycle Company have added a helpful picture for scale. It’s not glamorous, but it is functional – if you know what size a BMW 3 Series is. We admit to being a tad disappointed that it’s not on the back of something a little more ‘sick’…a Ford Mexico maybe? Or a Scooby Doo styled adventure wagon?

BMW 3 Series for scale.
BMW 3 Series for scale, not street cred.

At time of writing, three backers have already bagged the ‘Super Sick Early Bird’ deals on frames, of which only ten are on offer. Will you be joining them? Grabbing a t-shirt? Or is it all too gnar for you and you’re off to have an artisan cup of wheatgerm smoothie to relax?

Gnar enough for you?
Gnar enough for you?

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    It gets points for the raw finish, purple ano and skinwalls, and it loses them again for being that shape.

    I mark it down for the purple ano and skinwalls but the frame is getting more and more appealing. I’m trying not to take a silly punt on one, I really can’t afford it

    The TT dropping lower than a direct line to the rear dropout looks all kinds of wrong and it’s very much hooking onto the long/low/slack bandwagon so it ought to do ok in spite of the looks.

    Not sure they’ve made the right decision to go all or nothing – I’m not sure the niche is THAT big! They’re going to have to sell a lot of T-shirts to make up the numbers.

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