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How did you celebrate the Summer Solstice? A really long midweek ride? Perhaps you’ve got something big planned for the weekend instead? Or did you dance round some rocks while wearing antlers on your head?

Maybe this is no cause for celebration – after all, it’s only going to get darker from here. Darker, and colder, and wetter. Fairly soon people are going to start counting down the days until Christmas, and watching Strictly Come Dancing. Dark times indeed.

Before we descend into the pit of despair, let us look on the bright side. It is still June, there are still the 3.5 days of sunshine in July and August to look forward to. There is still the possibility that a world wide shortage of sequins will cause the cancellation of Strictly Come Dancing. And it is Friday. And there will be more Fridays. The freshest and goodest of Fridays, a tonic every seven days as we slip into the second half of the year. Here we go, it’s Fresh Goods Friday…

Trillion Prime

650B or 29er compatible

Billed as a steel All Mountain hardtail, this bike has been designed for 29in wheels, but also takes 27.5in wheels – as you can see here.

Art or function?

Made and designed in Britain, this has been designed with UK trails in mind. It’s designed to be versatile, with horizontal sliding dropouts so you can alter the chainstay length.

That’s maths, that is.

This bike will be tested as part of our Bike Test for issue 114 – three hardtails coming your way!

Mons Royale WKA Hoody

Strong Crayons, strong.

97% Merino hoody for post ride lurking, hanging out, or looking like a mod-el. Thumbholes too – handy for those chilly post pub rides home.

Mons Royale Yamakasi T

Look at the long back, not Crayon’s bottom.

This is a lightweight 83% Merino / 13% Nylon / 4% Elastane T shirt with ‘Air Con’ fabric back and sides – this is like a fine mesh, which lets air circulate and keeps you cool. It has a dropped tail for riding, and glasses wipe on the inside left hem.

Look afar, Crayons.

Or, in the case of Rob, even cooler. He the man.

Mons Royale Icon T-Shirt Box Logo


Mons Royale Ninja Jersey Crew FTBOTW

Yes Crayons, you have thumbs.

97% Merino 3% Polyester jersey with thumb loops and dropped tail for hanging out or riding about. We have no idea what FTBOTW stands for. For the Bike or the Walker? For the Best or the Worst? Fairly Traditional Bikes Or Transcendental Wheels?

DT Swiss R414 Shock

  • Price: £329.99 SRP (£374.99 for the remote version)
  • From: Madison
The first of many new things to come.

The first product from the desk of Dr Karsten Richter, DT’s new head of suspension engineering, who’s leading a complete overhaul of the DT Swiss suspension offering, there’s plenty more new stuff to come. Arguably this shock won both XCO world champs and both Rio Olympic golds underneath Nino Schurter and Jenny Rissveds, where both riders had the option of the lighter 313 shocks but preferred the performance boost of the R414 in the more technical courses now being used. Intended for 100-140 mm trail bikes, it has high volume air and oil circuits for better heat resistance and consistency on long descents, no piggyback required. 200 riding hours service interval (Or annually, whatever comes first) – TF tuned are the UK warranty and service centre.

Sun Chlorella

We rather like the packaging.

This is made from algae. Presumably special algae, and not the stuff in the pond that you’ve never quite got round to cleaning out. Apparently this stuff can reduce white blood cells and neutrophils numbers (a measure of inflammation), leading to better recovery times after exercise. You can add the sachets to smoothies or food, or you can buy the tablets version and hide them inside a sausage roll. Hannah may well give this a go, since she is still unable to sit on a saddle after Mountain Mayhem.

No Quarter Speed Detailer

Shiny, or at least clean matte.

Ideal for cleaning matte finish bikes, this is the latest product from the company which are fairly obsessed with keeping your paint work looking bright and shiny (or whatever the spruced and cleaned version of shiny for matte is). Which will fit nicely with quite a lot of you, we suspect. You missed a bit. Just there. We can see dust.

No Quarter Band Jerseys

Wait, that’s not Wil…

These jerseys are available as officially sanctioned band merchandise. As well as this Rolling Stones option there are The Doors, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Black Sabbath and Run DMC. They’re made to order, so allow four weeks if you’re getting one as a gift for someone. Sizes  XS – XXXXL available, all unisex.

Rad Tom

  • Price: Peanuts
  • From: School
Before he was taught The Ways Of Wil

This is Tom. He is rad (at least he can do silly stuff like jumps, and he turned up here with a trail helmet AND a full face helmet). He has been here this week on work experience, where we have been doing our best to appear a glamorous and exciting career option. Goodness only knows what he’s made of it, though we suspect when he compares notes with classmates who have gone to accountancy firms and other ‘normal’ offices he’ll feel he’s had a good deal.

Learning fast.

Tom has been making a video while he’s been here, plus he’s published a couple of stories, so look out for them. We didn’t make him wash bikes all week – aren’t we good? And we haven’t broken him, which is also good.

Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant

  • Price: £21.99 for 1L bottle. £6.99 for and the 120ml Trail Pouch. tbc
  • From: Peaty’s Sealant
Blue glitter!

Who knew that Peaty was a blue glitter kind of guy? Peaty has been working closely with a team of scientists and product developers over the past two years to develop a revolutionary tubeless tyre sealant that will not dry out or ‘ball up’ within the tyre unlike most tubeless sealants currently available on the market. The non-hazardous, non-toxic and completely biodegradable formula has been tried and tested by Peaty and a motley crew of the world’s best Downhill and Enduro mountain bike racers on the UCI Downhill World Cup, British Downhill and the Enduro World Series circuits. The biodegradable ‘nano-platelets’ in Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant perform like platelets do in the blood and assist with the repair of larger holes and tears in the internal tyre. The ‘nano-platelets’ are completely biodegradable but look like blue glitter so if you do happen to blow a tyre off the rim, it looks spectacular!

Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant will soon be available in the refillable 120ml ‘Trail Pouch’, which can be chucked in the bottom of your bag or toolbox until needed. One litre ‘workshop bottles’ will also be available too.

#Madison77 Kit

  • Price: NFS
  • From: Madison
Wil, giving his toes a stern look.

It’s Madison’s 40th birthday, and so they’ve produced this limited edition kit ‘for their closest friends’. So Wil has this really rather lovely feeling outfit to wear.

Classy gold bits.

It is only Wil who has been sent this outfit, however, so the rest of us are just going to have to make do with fondling Wil’s clothes.

Gold trimmed socks!

Nope, we’re not hurt at all. We understand. Closest friends only. It’s like wedding invites, there can be no hangers on.

Honeycomb hands


Madison Flux Light Waterproof Jacket

  • Price: £129.99
  • From: Madison
Such gazing.

On now to things that money can buy, but that are all in Wil sizes. This super light jacket look ideal for showery summer days, or for carrying in your pack just in case. As you can see, Wil is making use of the front air vents to check his pecs are still there.

Vote In The 2017 Singletrack Readers Awards Here.

Madison Roam Shorts

  • Price: £49.99
  • From: Madision
Casual catalogue pose.

Casual styled shorts with technical features such a silicone gripper in the waistband to help keep them in position, and plenty of pockets to store your stuff.

Madison Roam SS Jersey

  • Price: £34.99
  • From: Madison
Wil can see the pub from here.

A slight dropped tail and mesh panels under the arms for riding, but with going to the pub styling.

Madison Roam Marl SS Jersey

  • Price: £29.99
  • From: Madison
You can get bras to do that for you.

Another short sleeve jersey, this time in more subdued colours, for those stealth rides.

Madison Flux Shorts

  • Price: £64.99
  • From: Madison
Walk this way.

Lightweight but tough shorts with plenty of ventilation and stretch built in. Available in a range of colours, but we rather like this ‘dark shadow’ option.

Madison Flux Enduro SS

  • Price: £39.99
  • From: Madison
Um, we’re not sure what is going on here.

Slim fitting enduro race jersey designed to be soft next to your skin. Vents on the back panel keep your back cool, and are designed for wearing with a hydration pack.

Julbo Cortina Glasses

Beach stylee
Beach stylee

Casual sunglasses in retro 1980s style from Julbo, which came in Hannah’s goody bag from the Enduro Jura race. Actually, that’s not quite true – there was a choice of these or black frames to put into your goody bag, and Hannah choose these. If you buy a pair of these, a percentage of the profits goes the charity “Des yeux pour le monde” (Eyes for the World, for all those who weren’t paying attention at school)

Beer and Cheese

  • Price: NFS
  • From: La France
Good race sponsorship!
Good race sponsorship!

Also from the Enduro Jura race, the beer was in Hannah’s goody bag, and the Comte was a leaving gift. A race with beer and cheese sponsors can’t be bad. In fact, the UCI should probably bring in a rule that there must be beer and cheese sponsors for all races.

Slicy Mudguard


From the makers of custom mudguards, this was in Hannah’s goody bag too. Luckily it was all dusty, so it is still fresh and un spattered. This cow print was in honour of the cows that live very happy looking lives in the meadows of the Jura.

Velofresh Wipes

  • Price: £2.99
  • From: Velofresh


Wipes for you and your bike. Designed to be carried in your pack so you can clean up if you have a mechanical, these come in packs of 15 wipes. You can use them to clear the grime off your bike so you can see what you’re doing to fix it, or you can use them to clean your hands after you’ve fixed that flat or chain.

Calibre Bossnut V2

You might have spotted this at Mountain Mayhem.

A full suspension 27.5in bike for this price? We just had to test it.

Tyre clearance for up to 2.35in

This updated model has a one piece rocker link, greater tyre clearance and wider tubeless ready rims.

Boss the Nuts.

Our Antony is going to be giving this a good testing and will let you know how he gets on soon. If there are no jokes about being the Chief Squirrel we are going to be very disappointed.

Right. Phew. That’s been a mega Fresh Goods Friday. We’re off for a lie down. Here’s a tune.

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    10^12 is not a proper trillion.

    Oh my gosh! G n R cycling top and my birthday is just around the corner!

    Thought that was a good price for the Trillion- but it’s £1350 frame only!!!!!

    A quick look at the website shows that they’re well and truly taking their profit on the components to hang off it as well- c.f. Bird’s prices.

    And the welds on that trillion aren’t exactly pretty. Not worth it at all.

    Yup, the Trillion looks lush from afar, but I started pricing up a basic spec on their website and quickly walked away!
    Look forward to the hardtail test though.

    From The Bottom Of The World. Sorry, I know I’ve ruined the fun…

    Just to clarify; the Trillion Prime we have for testing is a prototype.

    The good news is that the Trillion guys are listening to your feedback and have several changes they’re working on with newer prototype frames. We’ll have more news coming for you soon about production models and those changes, so stay tuned!

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