Fibrax’s Top Tips For A Spectacular Mountain Mayhem Plus 50% Off!

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Excitement is rising here in the Singletrack Office as we quickly approach the weekend and the 20th Mountain Mayhem. This year’s anniversary is a special one as it not only marks 2 decades of this fantastic event but also bids farewell to Mayhem as we know it.

Top sponsors from around the cycling industry have been keen to get involved with the 20th GO Outdoors Mountain Mayhem and among them is British manufacturer Fibrax that has come up with a list of top tips to ensure riders get the most out of Mountain Mayhem.

mountain mayhem top tips
We’d add “Bring Toothpaste” to the list too

Fibrax Top Tips For Mountain Mayhem 2017

  1. If you have mud tyres bring them!
  2. Shave your legs. Pulling mud out of leg hair isn’t nice.
  3. Bring plenty of chamois cream.
  4. Bring the best padded shorts you own.
  5. Don’t forget to pack a spare mech hanger plus the tools to fit it.
  6. Coating your frame with a little car wax will help prevent mud sticking to it.
  7. Eat your breakfast and keep fuelled up.
  8. Pace yourself. Don’t sprint, it’s going to be a long day.
  9. Make sure your seat and grips are comfortable, you’ll be using them for the next 20 hours after all.
  10. Watch what the pros are doing and copy them.
  11. Bring your own loo roll or baby wipes.
  12. Carry as much as you can on your frame rather than in a bag.
  13. Bring a variety of energy supplements. Drinks, gels, nuts, snacks etc.
  14. Bring all the spares you can carry and if you need brake spares remember Fibrax will be on hand with its tepee stall.

If you do arrive at Mountain Mayhem without the spares you need, or you need a little help with bike set up then the crew at Fibrax will be on hand to help out too. Plus, anyone buying spares online or at the event can save 50% at checkout when using the code: GOMAYHEM17.

The 20th Mountain Mayhem
The 20th Mountain Mayhem

What is Mountain Mayhem?

Mountain Mayhem was, in 1998, the first ever 24-hour mountain bike endurance event in the UK. After 20 years it has achieved the accolade of being the longest running 24-hour mountain bike endurance event in the world. It is the event that has inspired other 24-hour MTB events across the UK and Europe

Where and When is Mountain Mayhem?

Mountain Mayhem will take place on the 16th – 18th June at Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire.

How do I enter?

You can enter Mountain Mayhem via the official Mountain Mayhem website:

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