WTF: Flask Cages

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Are water and electrolytes just not cutting it for you? Has your hydration pack made those bottle cage bosses redundant? Can’t wait until that post-ride pub? Well then, how about one of these:

Origin8 Flask Cage

Yep, the Origin8 flask cage is for carrying a hip flask around on your bike. After all, the pockets in bike shorts aren’t always the right size or place to carry one, right? Origin8 aren’t the only ones to do this, Ahearne have done them before too, and if you want one in the UK, Charlie The Bikemonger has them.

We don’t recommend drinking and riding, but maybe just a nip on winter trails, eh?

Ahearne flask cage

Comments (3)

    For a authentic look but bike friendly tipple replace single malt of choice with iced tea 😉

    Given how easily they fit in a pocket, a cage to hold a hip flask is arguably aimed at asshats.

    they are deeper than normal bottle cages though so you face a problem on some frames if you want to have both a normal bottle and a hip flask.

    Good for keeping your flask out of your pocket where you could fall on it and do yourself damage, or even just avoiding the annoyance of having it jiggle around during riding.

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