WTF: The Hudspith Steam Bike

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Found via our forum, UK pensioner Geoff Hudspith has built a steam powered bicycle. It does ten miles to a tank of water, and will get to a top speed of around twenty miles per hour. Here he is pootling around on it:

(Video not showing? Here’s a link to it).

Geoff seems to be an engineer rather than a Browngoth, and the bike has evidently been around for quite a long time before popping onto our radar. If you’d like to see many more photos of it, there’s an excellent write up by Geoff over on the Steam Car Club of Great Britain.

The Hudspith Steam Bike

David Hayward

Singletrack Contributor

David started mountain biking in the 90’s, by which he means “Ineptly jumping a Saracen Kili Racer off anything available in a nearby industrial estate”. After growing up and living in some extremely flat places, David moved to Yorkshire specifically for the mountain biking. This felt like a horrible mistake at first, because the hills are so steep, but you get used to them pretty quickly.

Previously, David trifled with road and BMX, but mountain bikes always won. He’s most at peace battering down a rough trail, quietly fixing everything that does to a bike, or trying to figure out if that one click of compression damping has made things marginally better or worse. The inept jumping continues to this day.

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    That’s the best WTF I’ve seen on STW. 🙂

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