Video: BEMBA National Enduro Champs

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Just over a week ago, the inaugural BEMBA National Enduro Championship took place at Graythwaite Hall, near Hawkshead in Cumbria. Here’s a highlight reel; see below for a small gallery and full results.

(Here’s a link just in case the video embed isn’t showing for you)

BEMBA National Enduro Champs 2017
That drop returned for 2017. See our post from earlier today for a spectacular video of someone hooking it.

BEMBA National Enduro Champs 2017

It’s probably not a massive surprise to anyone that Tracey Mosely got the elite women’s win. She said of the event: “It was great to have a UK champs for enduro as the discipline has so many great events at different locations across the UK it was nice to get everyone together to battle it out on the same day in the same place ! A stunning location, great social vibe and some testing stages, all made for a good day of racing, and more importantly having fun riding bikes ! Thanks PMBA for getting this off the ground and I hope we now have a UK champs every year to crown a National Champion”.

BEMBA National Enduro Champs 2017

BEMBA National Enduro Champs 2017
Someone got a bit too rad.
BEMBA National Enduro Champs 2017
Sometimes, when the trail gets too rad, you just need a little lie down.
BEMBA National Enduro Champs 2017
This image really makes me want to get out and ride…

BEMBA National Enduro Champs 2017

(Images provided by PMBA)

Full results:

1st – Ben Jackson
2nd- Cameron Chrisholm
3rd- Douglas Copeman

1st – Dan Hole
2nd – Tom Wilson
3rd – Joe Butterworth

Senior Men
1st – Matt Stuttard
2nd – Joe Connell
3rd – Kelan Grant

Masters Men
1st – Martyn Brookes
2nd – Ian Austermuhle
3rd – Mat Wright

1st – Dan Bishop
2nd Darren Howarth
3rd – Andrew Titley

Grand Vets
1st – John Cobb
2nd – Paul Barrett
3rd – Alex Cameron

Elite Women
1st – Tracey Moseley
2nd- Katy Winton
3rd – Rebecca Baraona

U21 Women
1st – Megan James
2nd – Polly Henderson
3rd – Harriet Harnden

Masters Women
1st – Roslynn Newman
2nd – Claire Bennett
3rd – Katie Wakely

40+ Women
1st – Sally Evamy
2nd – Catherine Hart
3rd – Kate Ratcliffe

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