Video: Signal, Brandon Semenuk

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Not strictly mountain biking, but a mountain biker doing BMX, and stunningly well shot at that. Combine an incredible rider with good cinematography and sound, and this is a joy to behold:

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It’s by the same filmmakers who made Revel In The Chaos, which had an amazing night segment by Brandon.

If you’ve not tried a 20 inch BMX before, it’s well worth a go. compared to MTB it’s quite unforgiving, especially to start with, and sends you pretty much all the feedback you can handle from whatever surface you’re riding on (to put it in terms most I.T. people will understand: think of the wheels as a high bandwidth interface with the trail), but that can make it a really great tool to perfect technique on. You might not quite ride like Semenuk, but pump technique is the first thing to learn, will take a couple of sessions on a track to learn, and from then on then suddenly pop out in useful ways when you’re mountain biking later, giving you extra bursts of speed over little humps and out of berms.

Brandon Semenuk: Signal

Brandon Semenuk: Signal

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