Buy A Singletrack7 Course Print And Support Trail Builders

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Whether you’re going to take part in this weekend’s Singletrack7 or not, you can still have a piece of the action on your wall at all times. has been working on special edition Singletrack7 Course Prints that are now available online to order. The framed prints detail the Catton Park race course where the 7-hour MTB Endurance event will be held this weekend.

Course prints will be available during the event, but to beat the rush head on over to the Trailmaps website and place an order online.

Standard unframed prints are £14.99 while framed prints are £39.99 with a proportion of profits going to volunteer trail building organisations.

Singletrack7 map
Singletrack7 artwork

In addition to the Singletrack7 course print, TrailMaps also offer similar contemporary designer maps of other top trails from around the world including UK trails centres, Downhill World Cup tracks and even Whistler.

We’ve got more about the Singletrack7 here.

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