Monday Morning Debrief 85

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Good morning team, and welcome to yet another Tuesday edition of the Monday Morning Debrief!

We’re definitely getting a used to these lovely long weekends we’ve been treated to lately. Kinda helps when the spring weather has been dead lovely too, and for the first time in god know’s how long, most of our local trails are bone-dry. What madness!

How’s the spring blooms going your way? And did you also spend the Bank Holiday weekend carving turns on dry and dusty trails?

We certainly hope you did. We also hope your Tuesday morning back at the Slave Cave™ isn’t too painful. Though we most certainly have a remedy ready and waiting for you. To help ease back into another four-day working week (more of those plz), here’s some subdued grooves to get you cruising through this Tuesday morning;

Got that buzzing in your earphones? Pretty groovy tune huh?

Excellent. Now we have the important aspect covered and you’re feeling the chilled vibes, we can now proceed with this week’s edition of the Monday Morning Debrief!

Look at that stack! Here’s a photo sent in from one of our biggest fans in Australia, Pete, who’s been subscribing since Issue 001! Are you a fan of #SingletrackMag? If you are, did you know you can subscribe to ST for just £1.49 per month? Link in our bio to get yourself hooked up! . . #longliveprint #supportindependent #supportlocalbusiness

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Our weekend was started off in one of the best ways possible, after we were contacted by one our readers. His name’s Pete and he lives in Melbourne, Australia, and he’s been a subscriber of Singletrack since day one. Literally. Here’s a stunningly casual pose of Pete with Issue #001 of Singletrack Magazine, along with a fat stack of ‘zines and some of the best coffee vestibules known to mankind! We’re not biased or nothin’…

#bankholiday #flowers #field #landscape #tree #sky

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The good vibes continued on through the long weekend, with all of the Singetrack team managing to get outdoors in one way or another. Andi took a break from his job of posting cat videos on our Facebook page to get outside and soak up some of the gorgeous spring colours on show. Seriously, what winter eh??

sunset beach lake pier
No bike, but here’s a photo of a sunset inside. All together now “ahhhhhhh!”.

Likewise, our very own crayon-enthusiast, Robbo, took a little time out to absorb some quality Vitamin D while up in the Lake District. He took this sweet snap on the shores of Lake Derwent in Keswick. We can feel those long summer nights coming on strong!

tour de yorkshire road riding racing lycra
The Tour de Yorkshire slithered its way through our ‘hood over the weekend, and the turnout from the local crowd was massive!

You may have tuned in to watch the Tour de Yorkshire over the weekend, which went right through our ‘hood and not far at all from Singletrack Towers. Hannah’s hubby Rob went over to Halifax to watch some of the racing action, where some of the world’s fastest road cyclists took to the steep bitumen climbs around Yorkshire under a very un-Yorkshire weather conditions. Shorts! Pasty white skin!

Trying out new lines on the #livhail Next step: more speed.

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Hannah decided she wasn’t so keen about spending a warm and dry weekend watching grown men in Lycra heave and ho’ their way up road climbs. Instead, she took the Liv Hail test bike out for a sloggin’ on a rocky test loop just outside of Hebden Bridge. In answer to her husband’s question after watching this video; no, it isn’t in slow motion.

ross demain kona process
This is the rarely-seen ‘Blue-Bottomed Rossco’ in his native environment, impressively caught on camera despite his rapid moving speed.

One man who requires slow motion to capture anything he does on two wheels is our man Rossco, who took on some local DH trails over the weekend. Rossco is currently building a brand new bike, so he’s getting a few last rides in on his trusty Process 153 before he lays the purple beast to rest. As to his new bike? I can say that it is very, very special, and we’ll be bringing you some info on that in the not-too-distant future…

Stella ride in t’valley with @julialikesbikes and @24tom this weekend. So much dry mud everywhere! Here’s an artist’s impression of Julia’s masterclass in descending boulder-filled ruts. . . #calderfornia

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As you do when you’re presented with a long weekend, I ensured most of it was spent on a bicycle saddle. Well on several saddles actually, but not at one time (I haven’t mastered that one. Yet…). We went scoping some rough lines on a local descent that drops right down the valley sides and straight down into Todmorden. While we were there, I got out the sketchbook and did a quick still-life shot of our mate Julia, who very kindly remained in this position for the 45 minutes it took me to finish off the piece. Thanks Julia!


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Our roving bike tester over in Leeds, Mr Tom Hill, picked up a new test bike from Singletrack Towers over the weekend. He told us that he’d begin testing it immediately, but apparently he got distracted.

Pretty sure this is the scariest tree in the world. It had weird ribbons hanging from it. We both climbed it of course. Prolly going to die a horrific death in our bed tonight. #horrorstory

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Oh and Mark found this creepy tree while out on a ride. We’re yet to see a greasy-haired child-demon appear out of the screen of Mark’s desktop computer and try to kill him, but we’re sure it’s not that far away.

All bike events need a ska duo at the top of a half-hour climb, right? #dyfienduro

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Many of you would have made your way to the Dyfi Enduro over the weekend, which was just a touch drier than it has been in previously epic editions of the event. After returning to the motherland, Chipps donned a race plate and trekked down to Wales to race the Dyfi, though I use the ‘race’ term loosely.

Ah, the #dyfienduro – is there a more fun mountain bike event known to man?

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Our fellow Calderdalians Antony & Celia got down for the Dyfi as well, where they enjoyed brilliant singletrack, an enthusiastic ska band, and a dancing gorilla. As you do. Sounds like they (and the gorilla) had a ball!

In the words of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, Aaaaaaaaaaalrighty then! That wraps up this week’s edition of the Monday Morning Debrief, and signals our kickstart for the new week. Not quite done with that cuppa? Well we’ve got a bit more bike-related content for you to finish off your morning, which comes courtesy of the one and only Chipps Chippendale, who returned from Sea Otter last week with a bunch of goodies he demonstrated (seamlessly) in front of camera. Enjoy!

ST Out.

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