WTF: Santa Cruz Bullhorn!

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Ok, so this isn’t a previously never seen before Santa Cruz bike but it is one hell of a unique looking machine!

Basically what we have here is a classic Santa Cruz Heckler full suspension frame, the type of bike that would make retro bike fans swoon, it even has original Marzocchi Bombers on it for goodness sake!

Look past all that retro glory though and we have something that is truly unique.

santa cruz heckler WTF

The owner of this Heckler looks to have been inspired by the Geoff Apps school of mountain bike design, where a true off-roader should feature a short reach, tall seat and vertigo-inducing bar height.

We’ve no idea how tall the bar is, but it’s at such an altitude that the photographer isn’t able to get everything into a single photo, giving the perspective that the saddle is as long as the chain stays (perhaps it is).

Getting the bars up there has taken a two-step engineering approach. Step 1) use the longest adjustable stem on Earth and set it to 90º. Step 2) Well…. step two is easier to explain visually.

santa cruz heckler WTF
Holy handlebar and stem combination!

Again, we’re at a loss for an official explanation how this was created, but two old stems, a piece of handlebar and a few hours with the welder would be our best guess.

If you don’t like the idea of the tallest Santa Cruz Heckler on the planet then not to worry, the advert clearly states that although the handlebars and seat(post) have been extended they “can easily be put back to original position”. Good to know!

santa cruz heckler WTF
Tempted by some old skool V brakes?

So if a medium, retro Heckler in “a lovely shade of yellow” tickles your fancy head over to eBay and place a bid, the current price is just £130.00.

Also, if you wanted to learn more about the legendary Geoff Apps and his contributions to our sport pick up a copy of “Mountain Biking: The Untold British Story” on DVD which features the great man and some of his creations.

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    Oh back in the day, I had 2 Hecklers, one green and one black, the days when you could mix and match your rear swinger, both of mine had chrome rears, the bike in the article reminds me.more of an early Tazmon.

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