Hope’s Prototype HB211 Stolen!

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Hope Technology has taken to social media to ask for help recovering a stolen Hope HB211 bike. The company says that one of its employees reported the bike stolen from the West Yorkshire last night (6th April).

The Hope HB211 is a Hopes first carbon enduro mountain bike and although not in production, a number of prototypes have been seen on the trails and out testing over the winter months.

The bike that was stolen is one of the earlier prototypes and is marked as Prototype 6, and features a Fox 36 fork, Ohlins rear shock, and finished off in custom Hope Technology parts including hubs, cranks, brakes etc.

Not only is the HB211 a very unique looking bike, many of its parts are designed specifically to fit its carbon frame only and won’t be compatible with any other frame on the market.

If you spot the bike or see any oddly sized Hope parts pop up which you find suspicious then get in touch with Hope right away: 01282 851200

Andi Sykes

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    Ilkley, my home town, this is becoming all too common, have been followed home twice whilst riding my Mojo HD3 I no longer keep it secured in the garage but secure in an upstairs room of my house.

    I’ll keep an eye out for it, in the unlikely event it makes it’s way to South Wales.

    Fair warning though Hope, if I find it, you can have it back, but I’m riding it for a bit first.

    Ba-Stards. I’ll keep em peeled but I;m down in Notts.

    Maaan! There are some Alan B’Stards out there. I’m in Glasgow, so I’ll keep my eyes open for it. I really hope you get it back.

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