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Fresh Goods Friday 339

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Include words here. Words which are profound, and at the same time amusing. A light commentary on the week, bon mots, witty observations, encouraging words to lighten the spirit.

Or indeed, we could just giddly exclaim ‘it’s Friday!’, run off to the fish and chip shop for fried Friday treats, and leave you to get straight into Fresh Goods Friday…

Cannondale Trigger 2

  • Price: £5499
  • From: CSG
You’re allowed to look at it now.

This is that secret something we couldn’t tell you about last week. Ta da! If you like the look of it and want to know more, you can check out our first look here, and our review here. For those of you too lazy to click (or who have embarked upon the eating of a burrito and cannot put it down for fear of complete collapse) it has 145mm rear travel in Flow mode or 115mm in Hustle. The fork has 150mm travel, there’s a 66° head angle, and it has 27.5in wheels.

Endura MT500 Helmet

endura mt500 helmet koroyd visor
As someone said: many places for bees to live.

There are many more shots of this helmet here in our First Look feature, but for those of you still wrestling sour cream and refried beans (mind that salsa sauce doesn’t drip down your chin), this is the highly ventilated Koroyd lined enduro helmet from Endura.

Five Ten Hellcat

for product review five tens
James and the giant feet.

With a sturdy leather and synthetic upper for protection, these are a clipless shoes intended for Gravity riding. Five Ten places the cleat further back into the shoe so that your foot is nearer the middle of the pedal – as gravity riders tend to prefer it. The cutaway is angled so that encourages your cleat and pedal to meet. Handy when you’re hurtling down a hillside, like our James will be doing in these no doubt.

Five Ten Freerider Pro


This is the shoe in the All Mountain flats range that balances stiffness, grip and durability. The Contact is stiffer and stickier, but the rubber less durable than this Pro, while the Pro is stiffer than the basic Freerider. The Pro also includes an all over tread pattern (the Contact does not), so for push up sections these Pros offer more grip.

Dark Blue/White
Dark Blue/White

All in all, it’s likely that these Freerider Pros will appeal to many riders, with the Contacts being for the out and out racers. And of course there’s still the basic Freeriders for riding (and wearing to the pub). Plenty of colours are available, as well as a women’s specific option which has a narrower fit.

Pestbye Solar Battery Operated Cat Repellent

  • Price: £14.99
  • From: Amazon
Cat scarer
Will it work? Will it heck.

We are plagued by cats. It might just be one. But it craps a lot. And of course, it doesn’t crap in its own back yard – it craps in ours. Our garage in fact. So we got this. It’s supposed to scare the cats away through a combination of strobe lighting and high pitched sound. It’s currently sitting in our garage, with a fresh pile of cat poo beside it. So either it’s not working, or the cat has carefully sidled round it, or it’s deaf and blind. If anyone has any methods of keeping cats out of your garage (ones that won’t result in a visit from the RSPCA), please let us know.

Mavic XA Elite Wheel System

  • Price: £490 (Complete system)
  • From: Mavic
Mavic Wheels FGF
XA Elite: designed for trail use.

Not just a wheelset, but a wheelsystem. Tyres, tubeless ready wheels and some sealant are all included in the price. This XA Elite model comes in 27.5 and 29inch options, as well as three different decal colour choices.

Mavic Wheels FGF
25mm internal width

24 straight-pull bladed and double-butted spokes on front and rear wheels, 25mm internal width rim with hookless profile, and ITS 4 freewheel system.

Mavic Wheels FGF
27.5 or 29in options available.

Comes fitted with Quest Pro 2.4in tyres. Claimed weight for the pair of 27.5in wheels without tyres is 1695g. Available in Boost (front 110, rear 148) or Non-Boost (front 100, rear 135/142), 6 bolt disc standard only.

Mavic Wheels FGF
Comes with wheels and tyres.

This wheel system comes delivered with rear 12x142mm adapters, Mavic tyre sealant (rear wheel), tubeless rim tape, front QR adapters, UST valve and accessories, and BX601 quick releases. So that’s the XA Elite option…there is also…

Mavic XA Pro Carbon Wheel System

  • Price: £1,400 (Complete system)
  • From: Mavic
Mavic Wheels FGF
ITS Hubs = Instant Transfer System

Again, this is the complete wheel/tyre/sealant set up, but this time in carbon. With a claimed weight of 1550g for a pair of 27.5in wheels without tyres (tyres are another 780g claimed) they’re a shade lighter than the XA Elites.

Mavic Wheels FGF
Carbon option is in black only.

The tyres are the same as the XA Elite option, however the internal rim width is 1mm larger, at 26mm. Both sets come laced with steel spokes – which should give a more comfortable ride, particularly on the carbon set.

Mavic Wheels FGF
All you need to get rolling.

This wheel system comes delivered with rear 12x142mm adapters, Mavic tyre sealant (rear wheel), tubeless rim tape, multifunction adjustment wrench, front QR adapters, UST valve and accessories, and BX601 quick releases.

Sledgehammer Skibike Freerider 5.1

It’s a bike, Jim…sort of.

Er, what the what?! Our resident crash test dummy, Sanny, has been throwing himself down the snow covered Scottish slopes on this beastie and has come back raving about it. Look out for a review soon – assuming he doesn’t get himself lost on the slopes.

With suspension front and rear, wide bars, ultra short stem, it is bang on trend – well, except for the fact that it has skis instead of wheels.

We’ve teamed up with Gregor at Sledgehammer Skibikes who is currently offering a 15% discount to all Singletrack readers. Just type in “singletrack” when checking out and you can save yourself over 100 Euros on the list price.

Polaris Galaxy Crew Jersey

Polaris Jersey
What is Ross looking at up there?

A wicking jersey with secure zipped rear pocket and glasses wipe. As it happens, we’ve seen this jersey in action – apparently wearing it makes you smile, even on a climb.

Polaris Jersey
Who wore it best?

Polaris Limit MTB Glove

Polaris Clothing Ross
Luckily Ross had not applied his fake tan before modelling.

An all season full finger glove. Designed with additional finger ventilation to prevent hands overheating on intense rides, with a mesh back to help with temperature ventilation.

Polaris Galaxy MTB shorts

Polaris Clothing Ross
Long shorts means we see less of Ross’ legs.

Long shorts – proper knee covering long – made with quick drying, hard wearing and durable fabrics for all round use. Dual side entry pockets and a zip fastening security pocket for convenience on and off the bike, plus plenty of ventilation. A good summer option for when those nettles get long perhaps?

Polaris Limit MTB Socks

Polaris Clothing Ross

Includes merino yarn so your feet won’t stink, plus a cushioned footbed for added comfort.

Polaris Horizon Jersey

Polaris Clothing Ross
Did someone tell Ross this is his best angle? What IS up there?

Available from May, another technical fabric jersey – this time with a motivational message.

Polaris Overland Anti-Snag MTB Trail Jersey

Polaris Clothing Ross
Is there something incoming?

An athletic (breath in, Ross) fit long sleeve trail jersey. The main body is a moisture wicking fabric and if you need further cooling then the half zip ensures you can get more ventilation round your body. The main body fabric is a hard wearing snag-resistant fabric and this is coupled with an abrasion resistant fabric on the sleeves to provide additional protection should you have a fall.

Coffee Polaris

And look! Polaris coffee! In handy little travel sized packs. Ideal for bike packing and suchlike.

Myklops Rearview Mirror

We can seeeee you!
We can seeeee you!

Designed for use on a bike (flat bar or drop bar – there are bits to adjust according to position) so that you can see over your should without turning your head. Which might be handy if you’ve got a stiff neck, or you’re so loaded up with panniers that you’re wobbling around, or if you’re racing and you want to know who is on your tail. Dodge left, dodge right, block their line. This could be the latest in Enduro kit. Just you wait and see.

And it’s Friday! As we wipe the burrito from our chins and lick the final grains of salt and vinegar from our fingers, let’s have a tune in honour of that last Fresh Goods item.

Happy weekend people!

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    You tried closing the garage door? (Most) cats are pretty rubbish at getting through closed doors. Of course it’ll then just poo outside the garage, but that’s not the question you asked.

    The problem we have with your suggestion is apparent from the shots above of the Mavic wheels, which are shot against the garage doors.

    In that case, wire em up to the mains. But put a warning notice on them in cat-speak to get around the rspca issue.

    I think the problem was with the definition of ‘garage’ It looks more like a car park with gates. May I suggest, therefore, a dog that can’t get out from under the gate and doesn’t crap… (forget that idea)

    If its solar powered being in the dark garage might be the problem?
    Unless you leave the light on all the time, which would be very wasteful

    Put a mouse in a cage outside the garage.
    You sure it isn’t a fox, btw.

    We put an ultrasonic cat scarer thingy (about £35 if memory serves) on our side path when a cat started mistaking the gravel for cat litter. It worked a treat but we had to replace the batteries every couple of weeks (rechargeable AAs, so OK) & the devices themselves kind of gave up trying after 3 months or so of winter rain, so it was an expensive solution. Worked tho, & seems permanent even tho we stopped buying new ones about 2 years ago.

    lion poo.

    Terrahawk has it, although I used lion wee in my old back garden

    To solve the Cat issue, try a Raccoon trap, followed by a release about 60 miles away. Maybe on an Island. Or cover the floor in sheet steel and 11kV at night?

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