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Tuesday Treats 161: Veetireco UK

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This week in the Tuesday Treats we meet Veetireco UK, an up and coming mountain bike tyre manufacturer.

So when and how did Veetireco UK begin?
Veetireco UK started a few years ago pretty much by mistake. As a keen cyclist for many years I’d often thought about trying to make a career in the cycling industry, but unfortunately I had to settle for other work.

This all changed when a stock list full of car tyres with a few bike tyres on the bottom landed on the desk. A chance request for “sample” tyres (really so I wouldn’t have to buy any bike tyres for a while) a meeting at Eurobike and the deal was done, Veetireco UK was born.

vee tire co
Looking for a new mud tyre?

Were Veetireco already making cycling specific products?
The Veetireco concept was to be a performance tyre line from the Vee Rubber factory. After making tyres for other brands and having little control over them the factory decided to invest in its own brand and bring new ideas and designs from the automotive sector in to the cycling world.

Do you only make mountain bike and automotive tyres?
No, we actually have a pretty full range of tyres covering all aspects of riding including:

  • BMX
  • Road
  • Cyclo Cross
  • Mountain Biking XC, Trail, Enduro, Downhill, Trials
  • Fat Tyre
  • Plus size 27.5+ & 29+
  • Commuter
  • Children’s range
  • And even a huge 36” monster
vee tire co
Not just tyres

What makes Veetireco UK differenct from other brands?
Veetireco have been involved in many projects from big to small tyres, they are able to react to requests and new concepts very quickly as they have access to the latest machinery and mould making equipment. As well as this they own their own rubber plantation so everything can be done in house.

Being a small company we are always pleased to see people using our products and love seeing peoples bikes wrapped in our tyres. (Future competition for readers rides of the month coming soon). There’s nothing better than this and it makes all the hard work worthwhile!

vee tire co
Testing in all weathers.

What’s the hot new tyre from Veetireco UK this year?
If there is one tyre were really excited about this year it’s the new member to the Flow family, the Snap. It’s a massive step forward in both the tyre design and compound. The tyre will come in a choice of casings.

The new Enduro Core as well as the Gravity Core. Both tyres use an apex design sidewall which is like a tear drop, with the thickest part been on the sidewall above the rim to help shrug of rock strikes and cuts and the thinner part at the top to give the tyre compliance and feedback over the terrain.

A lot of work has also gone into the bead design to make the tyre easier to fit and inflate when setting up tubed or tubeless.

vee tire company tuesday treats
All new tyres from Vee Tire Co UK coming this year.

Which tyre are you and the Veetireco staff running?
Tyres which we normally run by staff and brand ambassadors are prototypes where it can be anything from compound to casings to try. There is always something new to try out!

How can we keep up to date with the latest Veetireco UK news?
We have updates on our main website and Facebook;

Do you have an offer for Singletrack subscribers?
12% discount on RRP and free delivery on 2 or more tyres.

What giveaway prize are you offering Singletrack subscribers?
We are offering a Singletrack subscriber the chance to win a pair of MTB Tyres from our range in either 27.5 for 29inch. To enter the competition click here.

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