Most Laps Completed Ever At 2017 Strathpuffer

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The 2017 Strathpuffer was held over the weekend, and from all reports, it was an absolute belter! Despite the lack of rain and snow (as in some prior years), the 24-hour race held near Strathpeffer in Scotland threw up some challenging conditions as temperatures dipped below freezing. Although riders were faced with icy and slippery sections of singletrack, a solid number of competitors turned out for the 2017 event, helping to rack up the most number of laps completed in the event’s history – 6,583 to be exact!

Read the full press release below for the full rundown;

strathpuffer 24 hour race
That’s a little too much energy for a 24-hour race. Photo: Gary Williamson Photography.

Press Release

The 12th edition of the Strathpuffer 24 was both a beauty and a beast.

With no rain, snow or wind on the forecast for the weekend, this year’s riders may have been expecting a benign 24 hours of off-road riding in the Highlands of Scotland but as ever, the ‘Puffer had other plans.

strathpuffer 24 hour race
Night fall. Photo: Gary Williamson Photography.

With freezing fog in the valley, clear skies at the top of the course and temperatures hanging around or below zero for the duration of the event, the backdrop for this year’s event may have been stunning but it did make for seriously challenging riding conditions.

strathpuffer 24 hour race
Clear skies meant near-zero temperatures. Photo: Gary Williamson Photography.

Competitors’ technical riding skills were tested to the max as they battled to stay upright on icy sections of the course. With the potential of black ice and slick slabs lurking around every corner, concentration levels were key to maintaining traction in some of the toughest riding conditions we’ve seen in recent years.

strathpuffer 24 hour race
But a marvellous Scottish Highlands sunrise. Photo: Gary Williamson Photography.

The first few laps may have been fast and furious but when night fell, the 2017 ‘Puffer became a matter of slippery survival. 17 hours of darkness and many spills later, a beautiful Highland sunrise breathed new life into the riders, galvanising their resolve and putting smiles back onto some seriously weary faces. The end was in sight.

strathpuffer 24 hour race
After 20-hours of racing, a sunrise is exactly what riders want. Photo: Gary Williamson Photography.

When the race finally came to a finish at 10am this morning, this year’s exhausted, elated and relieved competitors had achieved something quite extraordinary – a new record for the total number of laps ridden at the ‘Puffer. An incredible 6,583 laps in total. That’s nearly twice around the world!

strathpuffer 24 hour race
Wear post-race smiles. Photo: Gary Williamson Photography.

The main results from this year’s record-breaking ‘Puffer are detailed below and there is also a link to a selection of podium and race images.

The full race results are available via SPORTident.

Until next year, ride on.

The ‘Puffer Crew

strathpuffer 24 hour race
Congratulations to all who made the 2017 Strathpuffer the most successful event yet! Photo: Gary Williamson Photography.
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