Grinduro Comes To The UK

by Hannah Dobson 6

With great fanfare (and a bottle of whisky in a box…) we’ve just heard that Grinduro has announced a UK running of its fabulous event format.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Grinduro event, it’s something of a legendary event in the US. Chipps describes it as ‘An event you can take any bike to, and it’ll be the perfect bike for about 5% of the course, the worst bike possible for about 5% and pretty great for the rest’. Mixing in a bit of everything, last year’s US event was won by Duncan Riffle on a drop bar Santa Cruz Stigmata, but 29er hardtail would have been just as fun, as Vet60 winner, Scot Nicol from Ibis proved. Chipps rode round on a borrowed Cannondale Slate with lefty fork and Bruce Gordon Rock and Road tyres. He’s pleased to report he did manage to overtake the guy on a full-sus fat bike.

There might not be as much dust on Arran
Adam Craig, with singlespeed and spare chainring on top tube.
Arran *might* look like this
Chipps’ borrowed bike

Now this is the kind of press release we like best. To announce the race coming to the UK, we’ve been sent a box. What’s inside…?

Grinduro whisky
What’s inside?

Gloves and cap from Giro. In Chipps’ favourite colour. And with Grinduro branding. We like.

Grinduro Chipps
Chipps relives his bike courier days

Also in the box, Arran Malt Whisky. Win! Well, we’re pretty sure Mark isn’t going to win Grinduro. But for now he is very happy.

Grinduro whisky Mark
Mark thinks he got the better end of the deal.

Yes! This box of delights is to announce that Grinduro is coming to the UK, more specifically, the Isle of Arran in Scotland.

That’s a mean looking hill.

All this fun is now coming to the UK thanks to Paul Errington, who is also organiser of the Dirty Reiver, the gravel event which launched last year to great acclaim. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on when entries will open for Grinduro UK.

It’s a festival as much as a race.

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  1. Any details ? Distance and terrain or is it a secret to surprise on the day

  2. @kojak the date is all we have so far, they’re still working on and finalising the route. We’ll let everyone know when we hear any more details.

  3. Going off the US event, that was 100km long, with four timed sections: a fire road climb, a longer fire road descent, a rolling road time trial and a mountain bike-worthy singletrack descent.

    As we say, ‘What bike would you choose?’ because they’ll all be just right and just wrong for some of it.

  4. Looks a similar set up to last years Fenenduro.

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