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Tuesday Treats 156: Wee Cog

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Oh, it has been a while since we had one of these but thanks to Wee Cog we’re over our Tuesday Treats draught!

This week’s Tuesday Treats comes from Singletrack Premier Dealer Wee Cog. Singletrack subscribers also have the chance to win great Wee Cog prizes too!

Meet Wee Cog! Scottish Saddle Bag Supremo

Ok doke! Tell us who you are, where you are and what you do (not necessarily in that order).

Wee Cog is based in the Tweed Valley, Scottish Borders and is owned by me, Becky Hall. I design and hand make (from start to finish) saddle bags for road and mountain bikes, phone cases, tool pockets and now the new ‘hip pack’.

I began Wee Cog with just two products, ‘Slick’ for road bikes and ‘Muddy’ for mountain bikes, the idea was to make a bag that would be big enough hold the tools you need for a ride if you didn’t want to carry a rucksack or tools in your jersey pockets. Wee Cog is now two years old and it has gone from strength to strength, with a variety of products available.

This is where all the Wee magic happens!

Tell us about the Wee Cog Team!

Wee Cog is just me – Becky Hall with some product input and advice from my husband, Johnny.

My experience is in handbag design and I’m a keen mountain biker and cyclist. Around three years ago I wanted a change in career direction and decided we should try and set up a small business catering for the bike industry; and came up with the idea of making well thought out and well made saddle bags for road and mountain bikes.

wee cog canyon
A couple of Wee Cogs in their natural environment…

What’s the riding like around Wee Cog HQ?

I live next to Glentress in the Scottish Borders. I have amazing trails on my doorstep and I try and get out at least once a week with my friends; we have a Monday Bike Club where we regularly head out to Glentress, it’s the best way to start the week and it’s the perfect location to take product photos.

Wee Cog Slider is a dropper post specific saddle bag
Wee Cog Slider is a dropper post specific saddle bag

Which of your products are selling like hot cakes?

The most popular product is ‘Slider’ for dropper posts; most popular colour/material is black cordura.

The ‘Bundle’ is becoming popular too – a saddle bag (road, mountain or dropper) and phone case with the bonus of 10% discount.

What’s new to your collection?

The latest product is ‘Core’ hip pack – for when you need to carry a little extra out on a ride but don’t want the weight of a rucksack. Core will hold all the tools you need, an inner tube, small pump/gas canisters, snacks and a small water bottle. Alternatively, if you’re already carrying your tools in your saddle bag then you can use the hip pack for plenty of snacks, water, spare gloves and even a lightweight waterproof jacket.

Which Wee Cog is adornes your bike?

I have a ‘Slider’ on my mountain bike, I love not carrying a rucksack anymore. Johnny often uses a ‘Slider’ on shorter rides and we both use the “Grip’ phone case when we’re biking to give our phones extra protection.

There are a lot of my friends and locals, even their kids, who use Wee Cog saddle bags too.

Ok, it’s shameless plug time. Where can we find you on social media?

Singletrack subscribers! You could win a Wee Cog bundle like this!
Singletrack subscribers! You could win a Wee Cog bundle like this!

Do you have any sweet deals for Singletrack Premier Subscribers?

Yes, we offer all Singletrack subscribers a 10% discount, and we’re also offering a Wee Cog Bundle consisting of ‘Grip’ phone case, ‘Slider’ or ‘Muddy’ saddle bag and ‘Core’ hip pack.

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