New Dan Milner Video: Porpoise Hunter

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Fresh from the Kendal Adventure Film Festival, we bring you this video which asks us the meaning of adventure. From esteemed adventure photographer Dan Milner, with pro riders Olly Wilkins, Blake Samson and James Brickell, this video has us wondering when does a bike ride become an adventure? Do you have to have adventure in your heart to get to the heart of adventure? Or can everything be a journey into the unknown if you open your mind and let yourself discover?

Porpoise hunting in the hills. Image: Dan Milner
Porpoise hunting in the hills. Image: Dan Milner

Get out, seek out, get lost, find yourself. An overnight MicroAdventure, a LunchTimeRadSesh, or an ElevensesEpic. Hashtag. Can we all have them, or is it only the professional Enduro rider that can claim the title of True Adventurer? What is it that these super humans have that us mere mortals lack that allows them to scale mountains, huck drops, and open beers from a backpack without spraying themselves like fools? What sacrifices do they make in order to be that good, and bring their skills to our small screens? This film asks us to ask ourselves these questions, and more.

As well as asking questions – which is important, because without questions there can be no quests – the film gives us answers. Handy tips from the pros on essential nutrition, how to survive at sea, and other essential information.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

The influence of the Scandinavian ‘Slow TV’ movement is perhaps in evidence in the film, which shies away from the BiggerFasterLouderMore style of many mountain bike movies. Viewers may also notice some similarities with documentary shows W1A and 2012, and we fully expect this video to be met with similarly enthusiastic critical acclaim.

Viewers of a sensitive disposition are invited to note that ‘Porpoise Hunter’ does not refer to ‘hunting’ in the sense of spears and harpoons, but instead in the sense of seeking, tracking, or trying to find. Parents may wish to note that there is one short scene containing swearing, and emetophobics may wish to close their eyes and ears at the seasickness scene. But otherwise it’s a very gentle look at the harsh world and hard men of adventure. Men with beards, rough hands, wild eyes, and the wild in their souls.

Watch this, learn how to connect your soul to the earth, and then go out and have your own AdventureRightHereRightNow hashtag moment. Just watch out it’s only your soul and tyres that connect with the earth, and not your hands, knees and head.

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