Manon Carpenter to leave Team Madison/Saracen

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To many fans, Manon Carpenter IS Madison/Saracen and vice versa. The former Junior and World Champion has been with the brand for six years, since her days as a promising junior racer. But time moves on and it appears that Manon fancies a change. In announcements yesterday from both Manon and Saracen, the announcement came that she’ll be leaving the team at the end of this year. Where she’s going to, she hasn’t said, but we’re sure we join the rest of the mountain bike world as we wish her well in her endeavours.

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Junior World Champ and then Senior World Champ. Not a bad progression.

Manon said on her Facebook page; “I spent the past 6 years racing with Madison Saracen, from Junior to Elite, and some amazing times have been had. It’s been great to be a part of the team for so long and I’m very grateful for all the opportunities. So thank you! For me it will be a new team for the new year”

Manon at Fort Wiliam
Manon at Fort William this year

There’s a great look at Manon’s career so far on the Saracen web page.

Jumping through the Scotland arch this year to huge cheers

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