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Are you plagued with butter fingers? Clumsy digits? Do you find that those really important things like your keys, mobile phone and tamagotchi have a regular habit of disappearing from your clutches?

We all know what it’s like to put that highly important thing down for just one minute, only to find that it has mysteriously vanished. The universe sure works in mysterious ways, so who are we to argue when a strange and powerful force makes the decision to relocate our possessions? Ok, so it was probably our fault that it’s gone missing, but that won’t stop us from getting all huffed up and blaming any other person within huffing distance.

A torrent of Tiles
A torrent of Tiles

In order to help avoid those moments of frustration, some clever tech boffins have got a solution in the form of the clever little Tile.

You may have heard of the Tile before. Tile is a super simple piece of tech that will stop you from ever losing anything ever again. Well, except your marbles, they haven’t worked that one out yet… The device consists of a physical “Tile”, and an application for your smartphone (Android and iOS only) which keeps tabs on the Tile’s location via Bluetooth connectivity and a clever community tracking feature.

The Tile range currently consists of the Tile Slim, which is super thin (slimmer than an After Eight, but not quite as tasty) for use in wallets and other tight spots. And then there’s the Tile Mate, which is smaller and doubles up as a keyring. Both versions of the Tile are super versatile and can be used to track drones, pets, or even your bike!

Use the tile to keep tabs on your keys.

To celebrate the launch of the Singletrack Partner Zone this week, Tile has sent over a landslide’s worth of Tiles (forty of them in total), which we will be giving away entirely free to our subscribers. If you would like to be in for a chance of getting your very own Tile simply complete the steps below:

  • First of all, if you’re not already a subscriber sign up here
  • Once logged in, head to the comments section at the bottom of this post and tell us exactly what you would use your Tile to track (be sensible or silly, it’s all good)
  • We will choose the best forty comments on Tuesday the 8th November and will send out either a Tile Slim or Tile Mate for FREE
  • When you receive your Tile we then ask you to share a photo of it in use on Instagram with the tags @Singletrackmag and @tiledit

And BOOM! That’s it!

Before entering the competition, please keep in mind that we will be sharing your email address with Tile and they may contact you regarding your user experience and ask for feedback.

You can learn more about Tile in their showcase in the Singletrack Partner Zone.

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