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Are you plagued with butter fingers? Clumsy digits? Do you find that those really important things like your keys, mobile phone and tamagotchi have a regular habit of disappearing from your clutches?

We all know what it’s like to put that highly important thing down for just one minute, only to find that it has mysteriously vanished. The universe sure works in mysterious ways, so who are we to argue when a strange and powerful force makes the decision to relocate our possessions? Ok, so it was probably our fault that it’s gone missing, but that won’t stop us from getting all huffed up and blaming any other person within huffing distance.

A torrent of Tiles
A torrent of Tiles

In order to help avoid those moments of frustration, some clever tech boffins have got a solution in the form of the clever little Tile.

You may have heard of the Tile before. Tile is a super simple piece of tech that will stop you from ever losing anything ever again. Well, except your marbles, they haven’t worked that one out yet… The device consists of a physical “Tile”, and an application for your smartphone (Android and iOS only) which keeps tabs on the Tile’s location via Bluetooth connectivity and a clever community tracking feature.

The Tile range currently consists of the Tile Slim, which is super thin (slimmer than an After Eight, but not quite as tasty) for use in wallets and other tight spots. And then there’s the Tile Mate, which is smaller and doubles up as a keyring. Both versions of the Tile are super versatile and can be used to track drones, pets, or even your bike!

Use the tile to keep tabs on your keys.

To celebrate the launch of the Singletrack Partner Zone this week, Tile has sent over a landslide’s worth of Tiles (forty of them in total), which we will be giving away entirely free to our subscribers. If you would like to be in for a chance of getting your very own Tile simply complete the steps below:

  • First of all, if you’re not already a subscriber sign up here
  • Once logged in, head to the comments section at the bottom of this post and tell us exactly what you would use your Tile to track (be sensible or silly, it’s all good)
  • We will choose the best forty comments on Tuesday the 8th November and will send out either a Tile Slim or Tile Mate for FREE
  • When you receive your Tile we then ask you to share a photo of it in use on Instagram with the tags @Singletrackmag and @tiledit

And BOOM! That’s it!

Before entering the competition, please keep in mind that we will be sharing your email address with Tile and they may contact you regarding your user experience and ask for feedback.

You can learn more about Tile in their showcase in the Singletrack Partner Zone.

Andi Sykes

Singletrack Editorial Staff

Andi is a gadget guru and mountain biker who has lived and ridden bikes in China and Spain before settling down in the Peak District to become Singletrack's social media expert. He is definitely more big travel fun than XC sufferer but his bike collection does include some rare hardtails - He's a collector and curator as well as a rider. Theory and practice in perfect balance with his inner chi, or something. As well as living life based on what he last read in a fortune cookie Andi likes nothing better than riding big travel bikes.

Comments (140)

    I would, of course, purchase more tiles to do the whole en-suite bathroom.

    I’d be using one of these to track my 2 year old son’s shoes. He hid it the other day and is now wearing wellies until we can find it again!

    I would attach it to my reading glasses, not sure if it would look silly, but I am always losing them.
    This may be something age related that a tile will not be able to help though!

    I’d leave a Tile with my marbles. They get lost from time to time and they’re pretty tricky to find.

    I’d attach it to my mates wallet as he never seems to have it available when it’s his round.

    I would attache this to my dog, ruddy thing keeps going out through the cat flap and playing in the park outside our house.

    Wish I’d used a tile on the bike that muggers took off one of my children yesterday.

    I already use a Tile to make it easy to find my children’s house keys when they ‘have looked everywhere’. The Tile tune can then usually be heard coming from one of their bags or a coat pocket.

    I would attach the tile to my Singletrack Hip-flask, as I can never find the thing whilst rush about for a night ride. Maybe attach a second to the single malt, to where it keeps disappearing…….

    I would attach the tile to my Singletrack Hip-flask, as I can never find the thing whilst rushing about to get ready for a night ride. Maybe attach a second to the single malt, to find out where it keeps disappearing too…….

    I would use it to track my wife

    @mobes I wondered how long it would take before someone said that…

    Knock Knock
    Who’s there
    Tile Who
    “tile me” where to find my key I can’t seem to find the darn thing

    I expect my wife would put it on me!

    I would track my crazy Springer Spaniel that often disappears at the most inopportune moments!

    Probably my pay slip. The contents of that seem to disappear far more easily than I’d like.

    I’d attach it to my 6 year old son. When we go riding I’ll be able to avoid a great deal of stress when he goes ahead, then takes the wrong turn.

    Clearly used to track our terrier….it’s getting cold and she has a habit of ducking into the undergrowth rather than walk!

    Attach them to my wife’s keys so I can find them for her with less hassle than it takes now 🙂

    Will get used at least 5 times a day until it dies!!!!

    My tile would be on my wife’s keyring. So that I would not have to spend endless hours searching for keys that have taken up residence lurking in the black hole of her handbag.

    I’d gaffa tape it to my hair to keep an eye on it. I’m sure it’s sneaking off somewhere. Hmmm, maybe gaffa tape on my thinning hair is a bad……..ah stuff it, gaffa away!

    I would attach it to the oh sowhen he disappears off ahead on the trail I can actually find him again!

    I’d attach it to my money, I don’t know where it goes these days….

    I’d attach it to my small painted wooden duck – its very dear to me …

    I would stick it to my 5mm hex key as it always seems to disappear when i need it. I think the cat my be taking it to make me slowly go mad.

    Gotta be attached to the cat to see where he goes & who the furry little so and so is tapping up for food in our street. I feel used!

    Either the riding buddy that shoots off ahead (when he has no idea of the route) or the cat – just to see which houses he hides in during the day.

    Actually, I could put it on the cat and then put the cat in aforementioned riding buddy’s rucksack.

    It’s a shame hours in the day aren’t something tangible to attach a tile to so my wallet would be a good idea as it some how ends up in the pockets of jackets and trousers I’m sure I’ve not worn in months.

    Oh and chargers for lights, cordless drills, everything really.

    Oh anything which isn’t shoes or clothes my gf packs when we go on holiday (travel adapters being prime candidates) that then dissapears into the case and cannot be found until we get home.

    My wife’s keys… my oh my it would save so much strife in our household, particularly when i’m already late for the midweek night ride 😉

    I’d use it to keep tabs on my house rabbit, so i know where she is hiding/sleeping/causing mayhem, my daughters dummies that disappear everyday and anything that the future Mrs Hall misplaces

    I’d attach it to my motivation so that I can find it easier on those cold wet mornings when I really should get out & ride.

    “I would use it to track my wife”

    I’d use it to track your wife too


    Id attach it to my wife so i could see when she was on her way home and i could stop fixing my bike and get back into the kitchen for extra brownie points.

    I’d attach it to my mobile as I’m always loosing it.

    oh wait, hang on …

    Put in my kayak, if it ever gets washed off on a big river I’m more likely to track it down and get it back in good time.


    I’d attach it to my skills &/or bravery which seem to disappear anywhere near a double!

    I’d attach it to my forum name in the vain hope that this forum would find and remember me.

    “I’d attach it to my mobile as I’m always loosing it.”

    The app essentially makes your phone a tile. If you lose your phone just press the button on the tile and, so long as you are in range of your phone, your phone will start beeping.

    I’d attach one to every tiny screw, bolt or grommet I ever took off my bike, as those are the b’s that ALWAYS get dropped on the floor and roll for 3 metres in a random direction, finding the best hiding place in the whole garage. So far this week, I’ve spent around 2.5 hours on my hands and knees looking for the tiny little bleed port screw from a RS Reverb, and then the seatplate nut. Seriously thinking of getting a metal detector 🙂

    Id attach it to my wifes thong , so when it disappears up the crack she can find it.

    Can it also be attached to a emotion/state of mind?

    Sure would be handy if I could use it to locate my inner gallusness, its always there when I’m watching edits….

    I’d attach them to my balls, so I can find them before picking up the courage to go off a drop.

    Oops, should have read all comments first.

    haha you said it better mate

    Should have read the thread.

    I’d like to attach mine to Europe so someday I could maybe find my way back to it.

    I’m an avid geocacher so think you could have great fun playing hide and seek with this. I’ve got an unopened multitool and would attach a Tile to it. I’d hide it in in the world with a note and use the “notify me when found” function to get the Tile community to play hide and seek. First to find gets the multitool! might be a great PR opportunity too(l)?

    Go back in time and attach it to my youth….

    I’d attach it to my sense of humour.

    Ever seen me when I’ve lost my sense of humour? Not nice…

    the TV remote that my children keep hiding

    I’d attach it to my will to live to get me though the week until my next bike ride.

    It would have to be the Sith Houndette as she has a penchant for disappearing into the forest chasing small (or not so small) furry things which drives Mrs M mad with worry.

    I would trial it on my keys to test it. If it as good as it seems then probably buy the four pack as I misplace anything portable on a frustratingly regular basis.

    I went for honest rather than funny.

    I would attach it to the biscuits in our house to see who eats them

    …my marbles, well, the last one I have anyway.

    I would attach it to the sun as it keeps disappearing at the moment.

    My son has started secondary school and so far has lost;
    school blazer
    school shoes
    hand-me-down iPhone
    food card
    replacement blazer
    Nokia brick (replacement for iPhone)

    All have been found eventually but only after scouring local parks, lost property bins and playing fields. Please help end the pain..

    One year into being a Dad, I’m amazed at the challenges faced keeping track of young kids, this would be one less thing I needed to use my brain to remember….

    I’d attach it to my car keys. The wife and I share one car, and it’s always going missing right about the time I’m ready to head out the door to drive* to the trailhead!

    *Trailhead is 50min away riding through the middle of the city.

    I’d attach one to the soap, so that I can give a practical answer to any awkward questions I might be asked if I ever come across two nuns in the bath (matron).

    A file, a stile, a crocodile. A lady’s fleeting smile.

    Me, I would attach it to my ring pull so I can always find it to open a bottle of Singletrack.

    For tracking my commuting bike, so I can find it back if it gets stolen.

    my s**t*, always losing it
    *not really generally pretty calm

    I’d attach it to my beer to find out who keeps drinking it. It can’t just be me, can it?

    My mate Baz always goes on about the time he lost his virginity to Sheila, a trolley dolly on a transatlantic Concorde flight to New York. I’ve always said he’s a lying wee b*****d. If only we had one of these back then we’d know exactly where he’d put it.

    I’d attach a tile to our cat – that way, the. Wife would be able to see where the little bigger is and I wouldn’t have to stand out in the rain shouting for him at all hours.

    I would attach it to Michael Stipe’s religion.

    I would put it on my cash. I haven’t been able to find it since having children!

    I would attach it to my patience

    I’d attach it to my boss so that i’d know when to look busy!

    My youth, I keep losing it on a daily basis.

    To my Audi… so I could find my way back to it on my Orange Five after a day out shredding the gnar at Surrey hills.

    I would attach it to myself in the vain hope that it would help me when I get lost exploring exciting new trails.

    I would attach a tile to my cat. That way I could keep track of which neighbours house he has broken into lately.

    I’d put mine in my wallet, then take it out and lose it just before I was going to show it to some people…

    ….because i’m 49 and I have never, ever, ever won anything in any competition ever, just once it would be great to get something for free….

    I think I need a bucketful to attach to everything my daughter owns!

    The mother in law, I’d know when to run out the back n bugger off on my bike out the way

    I’d give it to my mates who are out on a night on the tiles. That way it would be easy to find them as they never answer their phones once in a pub!

    The contents of my wine bottles. They’re always disappearing without trace!

    After seeing the pairs shouting/screaming/yelling at Relentless 24 I’d attach it to a team mate so I know when they racing through the pits to handover.

    I would attach one to an Easter egg during the next egg hunt. Using modern technology to find hidden chocolate would make my kids amazed at their dads super powers ( until they realise I was cheating, then I’d get the ” you deceived us again father” look.)

    I’d track my receding hair line.
    Either that, or my keys.
    When I say keys, I mean attach it to random members of the family and see where they end up.

    I would attach it to me. Ever since I turned 43 I’ve been trying to find myself…

    I would pop one in with my diary/ folder so I know which customers I’ve left it at.. again .. either that or the van keys.

    The gentleman who left his thigh high leather boot (right foot) and tennis ball at my place last Wednesday afternoon could probably do with one of those tiles. Ever so forgetful.

    Probably put on on my keys, or keep it in my man-drawer so I don’t lose it.

    I’d attach it to my mate Nev, who’s never on time for riding (always an hour late). That way I’d know when he is en-route and can plan my arrival accordingly or jib him for stopping for that pre-ride pasty.

    I’d attach it to Brexit, as there just not enough media coverage it would help keep track of the pesky thing*

    *yes I know Brexit not a physical thing, I’m just trying to be topical and funny (failing at both)

    My works pen. I’ve gone through 5 today.

    I’m sure I’ve got early onsite parking

    I would carry it with me for a night on the ’tiles’.

    Had this appeared a week ago and had I won a tile, I would currently be using it to track my wayward dog.

    Anyone recently seen a spaniel/terrier bitch without an owner???

    I’d attach it to one of my staff ’cause he disappears for ages when going “for a fag break”.

    As long as these things work slowly I’d attach it to my mind.

    I am slowly losing it.

    I’d attach it to my will to live every time I see a Daily Mail headline.

    I would attach it to my socks, no one can explain where they disappear to!

    I’d attach it to the valves on my wheels. Instead of lining the valves with the tyre logo, I could instantly find the valves, when in a hurry, by just reaching for my smartphone. If I only had one tile, I would be more than happy to swap it to the wheel which needed a top up, I don’t think that it would significantly add much time, and it would still make finding that wayward tile much quicker.

    I’d attach it to the valves on my wheels. Instead of lining the valves with the tyre logo, I could instantly find the valves, when in a hurry, by just reaching for my smartphone. If I only had one tile, I would be more than happy to swap it to the wheel which needed a top up, I don’t think that it would significantly add much time, and it would still make finding that wayward valve much quicker.

    My car, as whenever I park at B&Q I swear it moves to a different row.

    I’d tile my phone, I can never find it when I want it and spend valuable riding time hunting it down!

    I’d attach it to my mates sense of humour, he’s always losing it the miserable git !

    I’d attach one to my watch so I can keep track of time. No idea where it goes…

    the charger cable for my garmin watch or my cash, no idea where it ends up

    Teaspoons to follow where they all go. I still convinced there is a teaspoon conspiracy! Or if the metaphysical is possible I would tile my motivation to make it quicker to find and therefore have less procrastination and longer rides.

    I’d attach it to my cats collar to find out which of our neighbors is feeding the greedy git.

    I would have attached one to the bunch of keys we suspect the puppy has taken outside and drop in the garden somewhere.
    Searching for them we’ve found a screwdriver, a slipper, a pair of socks, daughters pants and a hair brush. All the work of Hugo the lurcher.

    I’d attach it to all the other singletrack competition entries I’ve sent in as they all seem to have been lost without trace.

    I’d attach to my sex appeal as, according to my wife, I’m in danger of losing what little remains very soon.

    i’d put one on the cat to see where she goes for days on end!

    Thats easy – My 18th month old boys dummy! How he loses so many of the things whilst at the same time scream so enthusiastically commited when he cant find it in house/car/supermarket is beyond me…

    The carton of milk I leave in the office. Some bugger keeps taking it and leaving me without milk for me porridge.

    I would you it to track myself, if I get lost, I would just see my phone where I am

    the last remnants of my youth. I’m going to lose it soon and would like to be able to find it when i do.

    Today I Lost Everything

    Please help me not to do this again

    My ability to suffer fools and not speak my mind…. At least that’s what my wife says I’m always losing

    Nothing humorous – real life use would be to attach to the new family dachshund to keep track of her….

    attach to work keys don’t want another “bill” for replacement set :o(

    It would have to be time. Especially the time I just lost trying to think of a post worthy of getting in the top 40.

    I’d use it to track where all my grey hair is coming from:-)

    I’d attach one to my concentration. I should be working, not looking on here!

    These suggestions are too good, I can’t win 🙁

    GPS device, people always seem to be losing them. I know I would lose one so I don’t even bother buying/carrying one.

    I’d attach it to my boss. Then I would know where he was and if he was heading my way, then I could avoid him. I could also then minimise the browser to hide the fact I am on STW and getting paid for it.

    I would leave it in the glove box of the car so I can find the car in the car park. Lost count of the number of times I am going between levels to find it.

    I’d attach it to my postman so I don’t have to spend all day twiddling my thumbs wondering what time he’s gonna turn up with my latest bit of bike bling !!

    Attach it to Benny from Crossroads

    Or Lord Lucan, Shergar, El Dorado etc.

    I would attach it to my mojo as it seems to have got up and gone and it would be nice to find it again

    My bottle, always losing it out on the trails, especially approaching doubles and drops for some reason.

    Id attach one to my motivation and another one to my balls, as I seem to have lost both.

    And maybe a third one to my youth and a fourth one to my alcohol tolerance cos they seem missing as well

    In fact, send them all to me…im sure ill find a use for them. Ta

    My fitness. I know i left it around here somewhere…

    Id attach one to each of it to my six year olds cycling gloves, he is always loosing one of them. We now have a collection of single non matching gloves.

    I’d attach it to Donald Trumps hair as I’m convinced it’s a fully autonomous sentient parasite sent here to bring about the fall of humanity and Trump is it’s wittless host….. or it could just be his hair.

    sometimes I think I should like to attach a string to a fleeting moment or thought and tie it to my wrist so that I could walk around with it floating above my head like a helium filled foil balloon of a much loved cartoon from my youth.

    Alas staring down the futility of holding onto ideas or something as intangible so as to be dream like is just that, a dream to be held so close and yet just beyond reach of outstretched fingertips.

    so I guess, my bike in case some thieving ass hat decides he likes

    I’d attach it to my patience, the when I lose it fixing my bike it’s easier to find!

    Lost in yesterday and it’s still hiding!!

    I’d attach it to my last f**k so that when I’m inevitably called upon to give it to someone – probably at work, sometime on Tuesday morning – I know where it is.
    This will have the added benefit of me being able to categorically prove that I actually have no remaining f**k’s left to give after that point.

    To find the trailhead of that cracking route from last week’s night ride – that I just cannot find during the day – and yes, there are enough riders up there on the weekend for the community thing to work!

    Definitely to my helmet. It’s the one thing I can never find when I’m setting off in a hurry

    I’d attach it to my ‘bottle’, as every time I hit drops nowadays my ‘bottle’ has completely gone and I could really do with it back

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