Here’s why you can’t find Exposure’s GoPro Light on Kickstarter

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A few weeks ago we posted a story about UK based light maker Exposure and their Kickstarter project for the Capture light. We all know Exposure Lights for their rather good, self-contained, cycling lights (they also make lights for other outdoor pursuits) however, but their Kickstarter had them going after a new night crowd.

Exposure Capture Kickstarter
It won’t be called the Capture any longer

The idea was to take to Kickstarter and fund a new light named the Capture, who’s sole purpose was to provide a compact and lightweight lighting solution for those of us who like filming action that goes on after dark.

If you’ve been keeping up with the project you might have noticed that the Capture’s Kickstarter page is no longer live and has been replaced with the message; “CAPTURE: A Compact, Waterproof, Versatile Camera Light (Cancelled) is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.”

exposure capture kickstarter
Not cancelled, just postponed

So what’s happened? Well, we spoke to the chaps over at Exposure Lights who have informed us that the project isn’t cancelled but they have had to change parts of it including how they fund it and the name.

It turns out that a company in the U.S have already trademarked the name “Capture” and as the project was hosted on a U.S based crowdfunding platform things have had to be put on hold while a new name is sorted.

Exposure Capture Kickstarter
Designed for filming in low-light conditions.

While we don’t know what the new name of Exposure’s GoPro lighting platform is going to be, we do at least know that it hasn’t been completely canned and should see the light of day in the future, or is that “dark of night”?

In the meantime, if you fancy an Exposure Lights Toro Mk8 we have a competition for you to enter right here! Also, if you have any suggestions what this compact light might be called let us know your ideas in the comments section below!

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    Maybe they could call it slightly too big camera project?

    Doesn’t seem in the spirit of Kickstarter to me. They are hardly a new startup business, which begs the question why are they turning to the public for funding rather than the usual investment channels. Are Exposure/USE in trouble?

    If knog and pdw are using it probably not in trouble. Kickstarter is a good publicity vehicle as well as raising a bit of cash

    So exposure aren’t making a GoPro camera then?

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