Eurobike 2016: New Tools from Wheels MFG

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Wheels MFG are best known for their bearing press set which, while not cheap, is much less eye-wateringly expensive than many other options out there, and a beautiful piece of tooling. At Eurobike, they were showing a couple of new tools, along with their range of bottom brackets and mech hangers.

Wheels MFG
That stepped drift fits many popular bearing and some push fit BB cup sizes, meaning you don’t have to buy a complete set of individual drifts.
Wheel MFG
That section at the bottom of the handle is there because brass is self-lubricating, so will minimise rotational force on the drift and whatever you’re pressing in.
Wheels MFG
Here’s the whole press. Beautiful!

Last year I decided to learn how to use a metal lathe and three axis mill, and in the process made my own bearing press out of an acme screw, some aluminium bar and brass rod. It was a first attempt, has a wonky cut here and there, and is nowhere near as nice as these. Funnily enough though, one year on I still haven’t turned an entire set of drifts from delrin. Therapeutic as lathes are (they really are!), making so many similar objects is tedious unless you’re experienced enough to work as fast and efficiently as possible. Wheels MFG’s stepped drift is a really clever idea.

Wheels MFG bottom bracket press.
They were also showing this nifty red anodised PF30 bottom bracket press.
Wheels MFG bottom bracket press.
It’s a *distractingly* nice object.
Wheels MFG press set
This is the full set that Wheels MFG have been selling for a while.
Wheels MFG press set
Wheels’ Gert Hoekstra told me that some people buy this just to look at it. I can understand why.
Wheel MFG BBs
Wheels MFG also make a range of bottom brackets.
Wheels MFG mech hangers
Mech hangers too; here seen in their natural environment before harvesting.
Wheels MFG
It’s a good booth if you like staring at shiny objects… like me.

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