Video: Olympic XC Forks Weigh-Off!

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Well if you haven’t been residing underneath a firm enclosure, you’ll be well aware that the Olympic cross-country mountain bike races took place over the weekend in Rio. (Need to catchup on all that happened? Then check out our race wrap-up piece here). As part of the Olympic festivities, there were many unique and limited edition products flying around the race pits for racers to sport during one of the biggest televised mountain bike races in the world.

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Two companies that got on board with the limited edition fun were DT Swiss and RockShox. Both companies delivered limited edition forks for their sponsored athletes to pummel over the technical Rio racecourse. In the case of RockShox, riders were sporting a limited edition “SID Blue” version of their SID World Cup forks. Meanwhile, DT Swiss provided a very slick OPM O.D.L 100 Race fork for Gold medal winners Jenny Rissveds and Nino Schurter.

Whilst being two of very few in the world, we were very lucky to receive an example of each fork at Singletrack Towers. And so we decided to show them off in our Facebook Live studio yesterday afternoon, whilst weighing them live on air!

So who won? Which fork was lighter? Check out the video below to find out!

Can’t see the DT Swiss and RockShox fork video? Click here to be transported to the right place!

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  1. But are the uncut steerers the same length?
    I think the DT is cooler but only if that reverse arch doesn’trestrict tyre size.

  2. Quite the opposite, know a guy who was running 27,5 x 3 inch tyres on his 29er DT Forks, they still had loads of room.

  3. Well its the Dt Swiss for me. Still harks back to the days of Pace.

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