Magura Backs UK Dealers

by Wil Barrett 2

German brand Magura has been kicking around now for well over 100 years, which is longer than McDonalds FYI. They may be a little younger than that in the world of mountain bikes, but they’ve got significant history on knobbly tyres thanks to their pursuit of hydraulics during those early days when disc brakes were as controversial as Ebikes are today. Yes, there was a time when the villagers would arrive outside your house with pitchforks and flaming torches if you so much as mentioned disc brake rotors.

While the old school riders out there will think of classic fluoro-yellow HS33 rim brakes when hearing the Magura name, these days the German manufacturer has been sharpening their hydraulic disc brake line, with excellent stoppers such as the MT Trail Disc Brake, as well as innovative products like the new wireless electronic Vyron dropper seatpost. Based on the success of their latest brakes such as the MT8 we reviewed in Issue #104, Magura has just announced that they’ll be opening up a UK branch to better service the local bike industry. Rather than shops having to deal with Germany directly for spare parts and warranty support, they’ll have a local service centre for a speedier turn around. Given the growing demand for Magura products, we can only see this as being a good thing for the local industry. See the full press release and all the details below;

Magura MT Trail

Press Release: MAGURA Bike Parts – a leading hydraulic disc brake and suspension product manufacturer today announced that it will be re-establishing a direct sales office in the UK in order to fully meet the needs of its growing and diverse customer base.

Udo Nitsche, Managing Director of MAGURA Bike Parts: “It is increasingly important for MAGURA to be close proximity to its customer base in large cycling markets like the UK. With a comprehensive portfolio of products which appeal to a number of different market segments, it is essential that MAGURA has direct access to its customers (Edit: they mean bike shops) in order to ensure it continues to build on its reputation for delivering innovative product design and exceptional levels of customer service.”

*Not actual Magura employees

So in conclusion, you’ll still be able to get Magura brakes and spare parts through existing dealers, and you’ll still be able to deal with those shops if you have any warranty or service issues. The difference now is that those dealers will now be dealing with the Magura Service UK centre, which will likely mean faster turnaround times for servicing and warranty jobs.

Roundhouse Road
Faverdale Industrial Estate
Technical Support Tel 01325 741 241

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  1. So direct to dealers (not importer/distributor) rather than actually direct to customer, might want to point that out in the article as its not clear and that will be everyones (inc mine) first impression from the title.

  2. Spot-on STATO!

    The announcement is about Magura being dealer-direct in the UK. However, Magura’s press release does appear a little confusing when they state “it is essential that MAGURA has direct access to its customers”.

    By “customers”, they mean bike shops/dealers.

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