Fresh Goods Friday 300

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It’s Fresh Goods Friday – number 300! Three hundred. Doesn’t look quite as exciting as


Which almost looks like an emoticon. Or maybe the start of Lolo Ferrari’s numberplate. Which would be sort of appropriate, as you’ll see, but only sort of, because, well, you’ll see.

Apparently one possible cockney rhyming slang for three hundred is a carpet. There are no carpets in this Fresh Goods Friday, although by the time we get to Fresh Goods Friday 300,000 maybe there’ll be an actual magic carpet to test. Ebikes will be totally non-controversial in comparison.

Anyway, enough of the waffle, because we have 300 items to get through*…it’s Flesh Goods Friday!

*May not be true.

Canyon Exceed CF SLX 9.9

Price: £2,869
From: Canyon

Canyon Exceed

This is the only one of these in the country! Obviously there will be more of them to come, but for now if you want to see a Canyon Exceed you’re going to have to spot it thrashing round the trails of the Calder Valley.

Canyon Exceed

This model comes in ‘Volcano Black’ – with red hot lava we assume? There are nine models of Exceed and this one is mid range, currently at a discounted price. Not at a discounted price is this. Those wheels! We can practically hear them slicing through the air as we sprint for the race lead.
a href=””>Canyon Exceed
‘Please read the manual before use’. Has anyone ever actually done this? There’s your internal cable routing… This bike is for riding sine waves only. No triangle or square waves here.

Canyon Exceed

…for your front mech. Because they still exist, and this one’s rather pretty. It’s all Di2 compatible too, which is available further up the range.
Canyon Exceed
A pair of eyes on your top tube to keep watch over you. Or indeed a means of protecting your top tube from being walloped by your bars and levers if/when you overdo things – see that little lug on the headset there?
Canyon Exceed
DT Swiss XR 1491 wheels and bolt through axles front and rear.

Canyon Exceed

Continental X-King Racesport 2.2 tyres for going fast. Not that Beate (who’s riding it) ever goes slow.

Rapha Medium Support Bra

Price: £50
From: Rapha

Rapha Bra

See? Lolo Ferrari. Before the surgery. This is the Medium Control option. It’s pretty much impossible to photograph, but there are various laser cut ventilation holes in ‘high sweat areas’, and there are removable pads in the cups.

Rapha Light Support Bra

Price: £40
From: Rapha

Rapha Bra

And this is the Light Control option, which has a seamless knit construction with woven mesh panels instead of laser cut holes, and the backs are different. Both bras are designed specifically for cycling, and are sized according to the chest measurement under your bust, rather than with cup sizes. We’ll be bringing you our test results in due course.

Altura Phantom Long Sleeved Jersey

Price: £44.99
From: Zyro

Altura Chipps
You’re a tiger!

This is Chipps ‘modelling’ this technical jersey from Altura. But at least he has his clothes on. There’s more to come. Prepare yourself.

Topeak Airbooster Extreme

Price: £31.99
From: Extra

A super-inflator for all you race-readies of out there. Contains a F25 QuickClick saddle rail fixer, top tube mounting bracket, rubber cover and bracket *breathe*.

Bluegrass Magnete Lite Gloves

Price: £24.99
From: Bluegrass Eagle


Newest of new lightweight gloves with magnets to keep them together and stop you losing them off the bike.

Bluegrass Bison Gloves

Price: £44.99
From: Bluegrass Eagle


These are in fact last season’s gloves, but they’re still out there available to buy, and who doesn’t need waterproof gloves? Even in July.

BZ Optic Bi-focal Photochromatic Glasses

Price: £99.99
From: Ison

bz glasses

Riding glasses to keep the mud and sun out of your (possibly aging) eyes that let you read your Garmin on the move. Choose the prescription to suit your needs.

Leg of Mutton

Price: Pain
From: Mis-adventure

Chipps Crash Bruise

This is the flesh pot edition of Fresh Goods Friday. Here is Chipps, proudly displaying his injury sustained in last week’s paddling incident. That white central area is actually a raised lump, which he assures us is quite hard, but none of us are prepared to give it a poke for independent verification, so we’ll just have to take him at his word.

That’s quite enough disturbing viewing for one day. Have a bit of something lovely, for no reason other than it’s lovely:

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