Brexit Bites As Major Distributor Puts Up Prices

by Hannah Dobson 12

We’ve just heard that Raleigh has announced that all bikes and accessories brought in from outside the UK will be subject to a 10% increase from the 1st August.

BikeBiz is reporting that in an email to dealers the distributor blames volatility in exchange rates, rather than Brexit itself, however it’s only since the referendum vote that the Pound started pogo-ing, so we think it’s safe to lay the blame at Brexit’s door. And we don’t like to say we told you so, but we did. Let’s hope we’re not right about everything else on that list, huh? We’ve contacted Raleigh directly and we’ll bring you further details on the content of that email as soon as we can.

Salsa bike

Products made in the UK will not be subject to this increase, but all imported items will be. Raleigh suggests that dealers may wish to place orders now in order to take advantage of current prices, so if you’ve been deliberating over a possible new bike or accessory purchase you might like to quit procrastinating and get buying. Raleigh are the UK distributors for Salsa, so if you’ve been hankering after one of the bikes we’ve reviewed, or a Greg May style Tour Divide rig, then get your skates on. They’re also UK distributors for Burley, makers of quality bike trailers, as well as a number of other product ranges, although we understand that at present SRAM products will not be affected by the increase.

It seems unlikely that other importers won’t follow suit, so whatever purchases you’re thinking of making, you might well want to make them sooner rather than later.


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  1. So, will the prices drop when the pound eventually picks up????, I very much doubt it.

  2. As if Salsa frames were not expensive enough!!

  3. Speaking from within the trade, we’ve seen pretty much every ones prices creeping up, most bike brands appear to going up for next year.

  4. 10% on Claud Butler too from 1 August.

  5. Shimano stuff has gone up incredibly, £10 extra on a 105 cassette for instance & most other components are the same. It’s time to make do & mend

  6. Shimano pricing shows the more pronounced weakening of £ vs Yen.

  7. Arise single-speeders, your’s is the world to inherit.

  8. the german made spacers i use at work have gone from 49 ex vat to 54 with rises promised in october..

  9. I’m happy not buying anything Raleigh ever again. Salsa I always thought were overpriced in my opinion. There are two more positives to this though: 1) second hand bike prices should go up (I’ve been told I need to sell several by the long haired general) and 2) if all the importers follow suit – ebikes will suffer as I don’t know of any made in the UK. 🙂

  10. “ebikes will suffer as I don’t know of any made in the UK” Raleigh are the importer of Haibike, one of the more popular e-bike brands.

  11. Come on back to us my pretties!!! We’ve always manuuufaaccturred here.


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