Scottish Cycling Plans to Refresh Policies for Mountain Biking

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Scottish Cycling has put into place a “refreshed strategic framework” which will launch this year and run until 2018.

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The plans will build upon the work already done by Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS) and other groups partnered to the organisation.

scottish cycling plans
Cardboard plans for now, but will soon become a reality

Scotland has become a hub of mountain bike action with its open-access laws and now Scottish Cycling is hoping to continue to raise the mountain bike profile of the country.

With plans for new trail centres, new international events and even a new chair for DMBinS, it’s looking like Scotland may be furthering the example they have already set for improving the sport in the United Kingdom.

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Full Press Release-

New trail centres, support to improve trail sustainability, international events, new participation programmes for all, sport and business development and new national marketing campaigns will help Scottish mountain biking retains its status as a world class destination.  The refresh of the national strategic framework (the Framework) of sustainable mountain biking in Scotland has been launched to oversee the delivery of key actions from 2016 to 2018. The Framework aims to build on the significant progress made to date by Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS) and its partners.

To help DMBinS oversee the delivery of the Framework, DMBinS and its partners are delighted to announce the appointment of Lee Cousins as the Chair of the Project.  Lee has a wealth of experience previously holding the post of Head of Corporate Strategy and Policy for SportScotland. This role was majorly concerned with strategic thinking, strategy production and delivery for that organisation but also Scottish sport, including preparation of 2 Scottish national sports strategies.

Lee’s most recent role was the Chair of the Scottish Sports Association (SSA), this role involved the strategic direction of the membership body, including making a contribution to the future direction of the overall policy development of sport across Scotland.

Lee said: ‘”I am delighted to be appointed as the Chair of Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland. 

“I am excited by the refresh of the Framework and I believe I have the skills and experience to help oversee its delivery. I regard mountain-biking, in all its aspects – participation, performance and facility development –  as one of the greatest of Scotland’s sport and tourism successes over the last decade and I am delighted to being given the chance to further enhance it.”

Graeme McLean, Project Manager of DMBinS said: ‘”The refresh of the Framework will help deliver strategic growth of mountain biking in Scotland. 

“The ambitious plans in place will be delivered by a range of partners across Scotland from businesses, national agencies, Local Authorities, communities and mountain bikers all supported and helped by DMBinS and its partners.  A key area will be the development of new sustainable facilities both purpose built and off-road multi-use paths in key strategic areas.

“We believe effective delivery of the strategic framework will promote Scotland as an internationally recognised destination of good practice for mountain biking development. Also our work with Visit Scotland, businesses and communities will ensure Scotland is promoted as a world class destination for mountain biking and ensure increased exposure for Scottish products and brands.”

DMBinS has also been successful in securing funding from Scottish Cycling, Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and SportScotland till December 2018.

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Comments (9)

    What’s strategic growth, as opposed to just growth?

    New trail centre’s? made me laugh!

    Trail centres? They mean profit centres.

    All we need to improve mountain biking in Scotland is more bothies, and connected through routes.

    No need for berms, jumps, wooden shit, hardened trails, or sanitised trails.

    Just nice long routes through the mountains and hills. And a bit of free carparking at the popular bits.

    Don’t know the people involved so can’t vouch for them but would suggest ‘strategic’ growth would tend to have more of a plan supporting the development of the sport. Its more likely, though not guaranteed, to be sustainable, better resourced and considerate of all other factors (user groups / budgeting / planning authorities etc,etc). Growth for growth’s sake can be uncontrolled and inconsiderate jeopardising the future of the sport and creating more problems than solving…… time to get off my soap box now!

    What would probably result in more mtb miles being chalked up is lobbying the govt to legislate that railways and longhaul buses must provide more than a derisory amount of space for bicycles.

    Surely not more pointless vanity buildings eating up all the money?!?

    gdm4 – good points there. I read, and re-read the press release, and although the ‘spirit’ of it was clear, much of it sounded like waffle, such as, “Scottish Sports Association …involved the strategic direction of the membership body, including making a contribution to the future direction of the overall policy development of sport across Scotland”.

    By that I mean, it says a lot without explaining what it is saying, and generally comes across as ‘corporate waffle’.

    @epicycle – could not disagree more. Providing better pathways into the sport for young people is not about providing better bothies. Scottish Cycling is a long way behind British Cycling in this regards.

    Aye, Bothies are not the answer. I do agree with the infrastructure point though Brian, It’s a ridiculous situation we find ourselves in that trains take a few bikes at a time. and buses pretty much none.

    What epicycle said…..mostly……not sure about bothies, although the more I think on it the more I warm to it!

    Caledonian Sleeper train staff reckon cycle space availability is going to go down in the near future and you struggle to find availability now.

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