Tuesday Treats 151: France Bike Trips

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This week, we introduce: France Bike Trips

Straight back with another cracking Tuesday Treats this week. Introducing new friends France Bike Trips who, as we discover are a bit special. Finn Mayhall talks through the detail…

France Bike Trips is all about discovering a stunning region of France, its culture and history, while riding great trails.

We offer numerous hand-picked multi-day tours that combine varied and beautiful landscapes, authentic encounters, discovery of the local culture and cuisine, and of course, superb riding on unforgettable singletrack!”

High alpine scenery on the Tour of Mont Blanc

How are the tours designed?

“Most of our trips are itinerant rather than centre-based, offering the opportunity to explore a new area, staying in a different location each night. Accommodation and baggage transfers are all taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the riding, with guided and self-guided options available.

When it comes to trails, we know what riders are looking for. We’re passionate mountain bikers ourselves, and If there’s a singletrack option, you can be sure we’ll be taking it!”

How have you established yourselves against the seemingly masses of options out there?

“France Bike Trips is the English-speaking baby sister of French operator Vélorizons, a long established bike holiday company that has been offering mountain bike tours in France and all over the world since 1999. It’s safe to say we’re in great and experienced company.”

Beautiful open mountain scenery in the ‘Vercors National Park’

What’s on the Menu, in terms of destinations?

“The Alps of course. Pascal (the founder of Vélorizons and France Bike Trips) grew up here, lives here, and knows the Alps like the back of his hand. We also offer trips in the Pyrenees, Provence, the Massif Central, Brittany, the Vosges, the Jura and the Dordogne. All our routes and destinations have been extensively researched, most often with input from local riders and guides. Take a took for yourself at the range of destinations and images from our trips here.”

Riverside singletrack in the southern Cevennes (Massif Central)

What’s the riding like?

“We offer different levels of riding to suit everyone, but singletrack-heavy backcountry trips are what make us tick. Depending on the area and trip choice, we offer everything from smooth, flowy trails through to tight, technical, switchback filled descents.

We like to keep groups small and take the time to discuss riding style and ability with all our guests. It’s all focussed on making sure everyone gets the holiday they’re really looking for. Take a look at our handy guide here.”

Glaciers and sweet singletrack on the ‘Chamonix to Zermatt’ tour

Do you travel further afield?

“When we do have some downtime, we like to organise challenging side-projects with a common theme; discovering a new area and hunting out new trails to ride. Two particular favourites of ours are the Integralpes and the Trans US. The Integralpes (back in 2010) took us on an off-road trip the length of the Alps from Ljubljana in Slovenia to Nice in France, taking in as much great singletrack as possible. The Trans US in 2014: consisted of a three month bikepacking trip, from Mexico to Canada, through the Sierra Nevada and Cascade ranges, finishing in Whistler with lots of lovely western US singletrack along the way!”

What do you offer Singletrack Premier Subscribers?

“Singletrack subscribers get a 5% discount off all our cycling holidays. Applies to land only price.”

Where do we sign up?

“Well, as a well-established bike focussed holiday company here in France, we’re now very keen to branch out further by showcasing our experience, enthusiasm and local trail knowledge with English-speaking guests in the future.

Drop us a line direct via our website or poke around on our Facebook and Google+ pages for more info.”

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