Review: Gore Power Trail Lady Print Windstopper Soft Shell Hoody

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By Nicole Mallett

For the past few weeks I have been testing the new Gore Power Trail Windstopper Soft Shell Hoody. Gore has managed to fill in a gap, that from my point of view not many other biking specific companies have. I generally turn to hiking brands for baggy fit, wind stopping layers. It’s obviously proving to be a hit amongst the female riding community as I have seen lots of girls out on the trails in this top.

Gore Power Trail Print Hoody

On the first ride I found the hoody a little cold as I hadn’t layered properly, with just a T-shirt on underneath, thinking the jacket would offer more warmth than it did. So for cooler rides layer up, or pedal harder.

Light but thin lining
Light but thin lining

The breathable windstopper material claims to be shower proof and snow proof as well as blocking the wind, so like it was planned by the weather gods I actually got all of these on my rides. Some all in one day!

Gore Power Trail Print Hoody
Nicole having a lovely time

The best test for all its said properties, was a gloomy day high up in the Lake District. The clouds rolled in and battered us with 40mph winds and snow – unexpected, seeing as it was the beginning of May! Worried that by the time I reached the summit, maybe I wasn’t dressed for the current conditions I kept surprisingly warm and dry. I added a down gilet under the hoody for the final descent just to be sure, as the wind really did have a chill to it (-9°C). The arms had breached by the end of the descent, but to be fair I think most good waterproofs would have done, as the snow hadturned gradually wetter and heavier as we descended, turning to a torrential downpour by the time we got back to the cars. As it’s not a waterproof, it’s just ‘showerproof” I was extremely impressed.

Gore Power Trail Print Hoody

I love the hood, not just for hiding under when conditions get really bad, but for just keeping that extra wind chill off your neck. Gore has cleverly thought about the pros and cons of a hood: thinking it will flap around when not in use? No problem – there’s a hidden magnet in the back of the jacket to keep it in place! But…if you’re still not sold on the idea of a hood to hide in, then Gore has made exactly the same jacket minus the hood (the equally catchily titled ‘Power Trail Lady Print Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket’).

Gore Power Trail Print Hoody

The two generous side pockets are big enough to hold a phone, keys and a snack, and there’s also a secret pocket on the arm, so well hidden, it’s a good place to hide things from yourself! (emergency Haribo maybe?) The jacket is cleverly cut to be loose fitting, with no seams on the shoulders (they are further down the arms). Wide cuffs on the sleeves and waist keep it pulled in where it needs to be, and allow you to scrunch up the sleeves if you need a little air.

Gore Power Trail Print Hoody
Camo print camouflaging well

Keeping a girly touch, Gore has added a soft pink lining to the pockets and hood, and there are few pink stitched stars dotted around. For all those that get offended by pink, I think the camo print is macho enough to allow a touch of girly!

gore jacket
Pink lined pockets

The hoody has washed well, showing absolutely no signs of wear after four weeks of use.

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    I bought one and it’s a fantastic jacket. Very well thought out. Sleeves are loose enough to take thin elbow pads too.

    Best pocket ever #vagpocket

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