New Trail Centre For MTB Couples

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Could condoms, cappuccinos and cupcakes be the future of mountain bike trail centres?

Ffwl Ebrill singletrack magazine

A new trail centre in North Wales is planning to appeal to couples who like to shred together. The Ffwl Ebrill Trail Centre will be set in acres of beautiful Welsh mountain forest and will offer a unique range of services – including cupcakes and condoms – alongside exciting trails. The aim is to encourage couples to enjoy weekend mini-breaks in the area and make those ‘we‘re not mountain biking AGAIN!’ arguments a thing of the past.

The project is led by Welsh mountain bike trail builder Geraint Jones and his partner Gwen, a beauty therapist. “Like many couples, we’ve had the odd tiff when it comes to mountain biking together at the weekends – usually because we want different things from our day out on the trails. When Geraint was approached by the Welsh tourist board and asked to propose ideas for a new trail centre we felt our couples-only mountain bike retreat was an innovative solution that will appeal to men and women!”

Ffwl Ebrill will be all about thoughtful touches.


“Ladies can find some of the Welsh trail centres like Bike Park Wales or Afan a bit intimidating” Gwen tells Singletrack, “so, with nervous lady riders like me in mind, Geraint has designed  ‘his and her’ hard/easy lines on each of our six trails so everyone can get to the bottom of the mountain with a smile on their face.”

“And if the man wants to ride around again or tackle some of our really gnarly stuff on his own, the lady can pop into the trail centre and get a manicure at the nail bar while enjoying a cappuccino and a cupcake” adds Geraint.

Couples can even book a ‘romance package’ luxury uplift service in an open top 4×4 complete with cosy snuggle blankets. Social media fans will enjoy the designated ‘selfie’ trail-side areas with optimum views and sunsets as well as the Instagram-friendly dishes at the trail centre cafe (#IloveFfwlEbrill).

But the fun doesn’t stop there: the post-ride relaxation area will include a ‘two bikes at once’ bike washer (“because that job always seems to fall to the bloke!” comments Geraint), and large day beds with wipe-clean pvc covers. “A chance to lie back and enjoy a glass of fizz and a couple’s massage without having to get out of your muddy gear first” says Gwen.

Ffwl Ebrill could even help you to find the love of your mountain biking life! Despite targeting the couples market, Geraint and Gwen are keen to stress that no one needs to feel left out: with this in mind, the trail centre will offer a unique dating app that will enable singletons to come along and hook up with another rider ‘then see where the trails take you!’.

Leaving no couples’ box unticked, Geraint and Gwen are currently seeking sponsors for their Ffwl Ebrill condom range. “Our condoms are designed to perform in all sorts of wet, slippery conditions so we see this as an ideal sponsorship opportunity for a mountain bike tyre manufacturer who needs a new approach to marketing” says Gwen.

The couple plan to have Ffwl Ebrill ready for action at the beginning of April 2017: “Hopefully on the first of the month”.

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